Below Deck: Everything To Know About Amy Johnson

Amy Johnson starred on Below Deck for two seasons. This past July, Amy announced her engagement to Ellis Lenthall and has since tied the knot.

Amy Johnson appeared on two seasons of Bravo’s reality TV show Below Deck. Amy may not be the most memorable alum, but she is known for her charming, sweet, and cheerful personality.

The 31-year-old reality star grew up in the small town of Wichita Falls, Texas. Before working on a yacht, she studied business marketing at Texas A&M. She was quickly recruited to the nation’s top-selling Cadillac dealership as a sales representative. Despite staying in the position for several years, Amy felt unfulfilled. She was missing the things she loved most: travel and adventure. Eventually, Amy quit her job and moved to Florida. Using the personable skills she acquired in sales, Amy was able to land a job on a yacht with no prior experience.

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During Season 2 of Below Deck, Amy worked as a stew alongside Kate Chastain and Kat Held. Despite her cheerful attitude, she found herself butting heads with Kate, the chief stew. Fans of the show know the longest-running cast member, Kate, for her harsh and domineering personality, so it was no surprise when Kate used her friendship with Kat to alienate Amy.

Kate Chastain on Below Deck.

Despite working on the yacht with her brother, Kelley Johnson, Amy was quickly ostracized by the group and felt her time on the show was done. She made the decision to leave the series to get closer to her boyfriend. Ironically, Amy and Kate made amends and have since become friends. In 2016, Kate spoke to Bravo about her struggle to work aboard the yacht without Amy for the first time. “I’m really sad that Amy’s not here, but I also know that she has a really gorgeous, younger South African boyfriend, and they are working on a yacht together, so she has sailed off into the sunset and is very happy,” she said.

Since leaving the show Amy seems to be very happy. After getting engaged to Ellis Lenthall in July, her brother recently announced that she has officially tied the knot. The couple appeared to have a small ceremony with friends and family.

During the Below Deck 100th episode celebration last year, Amy gushed about Ellis, saying, “My man, he’s amazing and he’s a man. I have so many great words to say about him, but I’m not going to gush too much. He’s amazing.” Amy may have left season 2 of Below Deck on bad terms but she seems to have no hard feelings about the show. Not only has she moved on from her animosity towards Kate, but she has talked highly of her time working in yachting, saying it’s given her countless adventures and unbelievable experiences.

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