Batman Loses The Batcave, Gets Batmobile Downgrade In Funny Video

Batman experiences his own form of hardship during the pandemic in a funny parody video featuring Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. star Jeff Ward.

A new parody video with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. star Jeff Ward shows Batman downgrading the Batmobile and losing his Batcave. Currently, many are focused on the classic superhero’s role in the DC Extended Universe. This is due to the upcoming film The Batman, which will star Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne. However, the DCEU’s original Batman, Ben Affleck, isn’t done with the role yet. He’ll appear in The Flash movie opposite fellow Batman Michael Keaton. Affleck will also reprise his part in the Justice League Snyder Cut, set to debut on HBO Max next year.

As one of DC’s most well-known heroes, Batman has had a surprising presence in 2020, even offscreen. Early on, a real-life Batman took to the streets of Mexico in a homemade Batmobile to encourage coronavirus precautions. A different cosplayer then showed up at a protest in Philadelphia, to cheers from those gathered. Both examples show the character’s enduring popularity and the symbol of hope he can be.

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Ward shows this in a new video titled Fund the Bat. In it, Ward plays a Batman affected by the coronavirus pandemic, forcing him to give up his Batcave and trade the Batmobile in for a more sensible option. Directed and written by Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. co-showrunner Jeffrey Bell, the video is funny on its own while also encouraging donations to the MPTF’s Covid-19 Emergency Relief Fund, which will help those in Hollywood out of work due to the pandemic. Check out the video below:

Though virtually all industries have been affected by the coronavirus, much attention has been paid to entertainment specifically, as so many have sought out movies and TV shows as distractions this year. Though a large number of projects have been able to resume production at this point, many have done so under budget cuts as a result of expensive but necessary COVID-19 protocols. This has put more stress on those working to make movies and TV shows possible.

Additionally, some shows have been cancelled outright due the pandemic, putting hundreds of people out of work. Among these are Netflix’s GLOW and ABC’s Stumptown, both of which were cancelled after being renewed for new seasons. All told, the entertainment industry has suffered as a result of the coronavirus, putting many cast and crew members in a tough spot. As of this writing, the Fund the Bat initiative has raised over $5,000. Hopefully, donations from Batman fans and others continue to come in, increasing awareness of the MPTF’s emergency fund and helping those in need.

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