Ahsoka Is A Master In The Mandalorian, Says Clone Wars Creator

While Ahsoka may not have even passed the Jedi Trials, Dave Filoni says she is effectively as strong, wise, and skilled as a true Jedi Master.

Dave Filoni, creator of The Clone Wars tv series, has confirmed that Ahsoka Tano is effectively a Jedi master by the time she appears in The Mandalorian season 2. The popular Disney+ series saw Rosario Dawson bring the fan-favorite character to live-action last week in “The Jedi,” sparking celebration among fans of the animated series for Ahsoka’s return. Filoni himself wrote and directed the episode, which will hopefully mark the start of a promising tenure for Ahsoka in the modern era of Star Wars.

While Ahsoka has been a major character since her introduction to the world of Star Wars, she didn’t exactly follow a traditional Jedi path. Assigned to Anakin Skywalker as his padawan during the early days of the Clone Wars, Ahsoka trained and learned on the battlefield, even leading her own operations with squads of Clones at her command. However, she left the Order before completing the Jedi Knight Trials. Framed for murder and accused by the council, Ahsoka ran to prove her innocence, ultimately exonerating herself but refusing to rejoin the Order due to differences in philosophy. Since then, she’s made her own way in the galaxy.

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While Ahsoka may not have completed the technical requirements to become a master (which, interestingly, Luke and Anakin didn’t either), Filoni has now said she is functionally at that peak level. “She is, for lack of a term, a master,” Filoni said in a recent interview with Vanity Fair, “because she’s largely an independent at this point. I play her much more as a knowledgeable knight. A wandering samurai character is what she really is at this point.” According to Filoni, Ahsoka’s own unique path has led her to a new kind of mastery, equivalent but different from the traditional Jedi path. “I’ve always made comparisons to her heading towards the Gandalf stage, where she is the one that has the knowledge of the world and can help others through it. I think she’s reached that point.”

Ahsoka’s display of Force attunement and saber skills in “The Jedi” certainly back that up. Her absence from the Disney sequel trilogy and remote location in The Mandalorian indicates she’s continuing on her own unique path, akin to the “Grey Jedi” of the Extended Universe. That leaves any number of possibilities for spinoffs and recurring appearances, especially now that we know she’s searching for renowned baddie Grand Admiral Thrawn.

Ahsoka has proven there is no single correct path to becoming a Jedi master. Wherever Ahsoka’s future journeys take her in The Mandalorian, she’ll bring abilities equivalent to the greatest masters of the old Jedi Order.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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