What Pokémon Each Main Star Wars Character Would Choose

If their universes collided, what Pokémon would each main character in the Star Wars franchise choose? While this particular Star Wars mashup will probably never officially occur (unless Disney somehow bought the rights to Pokémon), it’s fun to imagine how each character would be paired. 

Many podcasters, YouTubers, and Star Wars experts have taken the time to thoroughly dissect each of the main characters in the franchise to understand who they truly are. Some of them are more complex, having dealt with abandonment or childhood trauma. Others are rather simplistic, only needing the necessities in life to enjoy themselves.

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In determining each Star Wars character’s Pokémon pairing, one must take a look at what they value most and how they interact with the world and those around them.

Star Wars & Pokémon Pairings – Luke & Growlithe

Luke holds his lightsaber and Growlithe stands next to him

Luke Skywalker sometimes lets his confidence and impulsiveness get the better of him, but he’s good at refocusing once he lets his emotions calm down. Star Wars‘ original hero might be reckless at times, but he is also brave, putting himself in harm’s way to protect his friends and family. He is loyal and self-sacrificing, and losing one of his hands doesn’t stop him from fighting for justice. Luke needs a sidekick that will stay nearby at the most difficult times. Growlithe’s bravery, trustworthiness, and loyalty make this dog Pokémon a solid match. Both have a friendly attitude but are fierce in battle.

Star Wars & Pokémon Pairings – Leia & Bewear

Leia stands next to Bewear

Like her brother, Leia Skywalker is headstrong. She’s a woman who won’t let a man boss her around. Even though she can be impatient, she’s also level-headed and takes time to consider the best actions to perform in high-stress situations. Even when she was taken hostage by Jabba the Hutt, she kept her composure and waited for an opportunity to destroy her captor. Bewear is an excellent fit for the princess of Alderaan. Just as Leia may look like an innocent princess but turns out to be a strong-willed leader, this Pokémon’s friendly face disguises a hidden power, as its desire to show affection can end with a spine-crushing hug. It’s a lot like Leia and her little Ewok friend, Wicket – warmhearted but ferocious and dangerous.

Star Wars & Pokémon Pairings – Han & Garchomp

Han Solo points his gun & Garchomp stands in the background

Han Solo is a character that’s hard not to like. Even though he’s an egotistical and greedy outlaw, he has a swagger about him that’s hard to resist. He’s charismatic, knowing how to say the right thing and when to say it. He’s also a talented pilot, always staying composed while navigating through the galaxy, even when enemy ships are chasing him. Han is an independent soul that needs a Pokémon who shares the same attitude, such as Garchomp. It might not be fluffy like Chewbacca, but it has the speed to match the Millennium Falcon and the fierceness of a Wookie.

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Star Wars & Pokémon Pairings – Anakin & Charizard

Anakin Skywalker is a complicated character. He was a slave as a child and left his mother at a young age, only to have her die in his arms years later. His wife died in childbirth, and his best friend became his enemy. With all this baggage, it’s understandable why Anakin struggled to move on from his past, developing self-loathing and hatred that would result in fiery outbursts. His arrogance, desire for power, and recklessness pair well with Charizard, whose competitive spirit and intensity match Anakin. A strong personality needs an equally strong Pokémon.

Star Wars & Pokémon Pairings – Padmé & Zapdos

Padmé looks up as Zapdos flies in the background

Padmé Amidala is one of the most resilient characters in the Star Wars saga. Life in politics is difficult, but she proves that she has the strength of a senator while still having the ability to empathize with her people. She is well-spoken, passionate about her policies, and is not afraid to challenge those she disagrees with. She deals with multiple assassination attempts during her time as a senator but does not let fear control her. That, along with her marriage to one of the most powerful Jedi in the galaxy, would be enough to push anyone over the edge, but she fights to the end. Zapdos has the same vigor as Padmé, fearless and ready to fight. While this electric bird has a certain goofiness that is far different from Padmé’s elegance, Padmé happens to have a special place in her heart for a certain Gungan. Clearly, she enjoys a companion with some silliness.

Star Wars & Pokémon Pairings – Obi-Wan & Mewtwo

Obi-Wan holds his lightsaber with Mewtwo in the background

Obi-Wan Kenobi, known for being noble and abiding by the Jedi Code, is always seeking ways to improve himself, being a bit of a stickler and strictly adhering to the Jedi rules. He likes to take his time to rationalize every decision he makes, figuring out a well-planned strategy before taking any action. Obi-Wan is arguably the best Jedi in the galaxy, having never been swayed by the dark side. There is no better Pokémon for this incredible character than Mewtwo. The greatest Jedi needs a powerful partner to accompany him in his fight against the Sith. While Mewtwo may be a vicious Pokémon that’s always trying to prove its strength, Anakin acted in the same way. Obi-Wan is not the sort of person to abandon someone with a mean streak or who tries to outdo him. He enjoys a challenge.

Star Wars & Pokémon Pairings – Rey & Jolteon

Rey & Jolteon stand in the desert

Rey Skywalker chooses an identity based on who she feels she is, rather than remaining confined to the name of her grandfather, Darth Sidious. Even when she knows she has Sith blood in her veins, she strives to learn all she can about the Jedi. Rey is always optimistic, seeing the good in people, patiently waiting for her long-lost family to return, and forgiving those who have wronged her. Though slightly naive in her perspective, she simply desires to restore the galaxy and those who have strayed from the light side of the Force. Jolteon is the best Pokémon companion for this female Jedi. Rey’s incredible telekinetic and Force lightning abilities are powerful, and she needs someone with the same electricity. While there are more powerful electric Pokémon, Rey chooses those who are considered underdogs, knowing they are capable of doing more than they think.

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Star Wars & Pokémon Pairings – Kylo & Cubone

Kylo holds his lightsaber & Cubone stands next to him

Kylo Ren, like Rey, chooses a name for himself based on his identity. He ends up distancing himself from his family and tries to destroy all that makes up Ben Solo, his true identity. He is confused, dealing with conflicting ideas of the light and dark sides. With Supreme Leader Snoke having so much influence over Kylo’s thoughts, his troubled notions become mixed up with his rage, and he is unable to stifle his anger. He tries to bury his past, pushing all that is good away from him and letting his hatred control his actions when he kills his own father. Cubone might not have killed one of his parents, but it’s unquestionably as morbid, wearing the skull of dead mother as a helmet. There’s something dark about it under its mask, which makes it a fitting Pokémon for Kylo. Like Kylo, it’s hard-headed (though in a much more literal sense).

Star Wars & Pokémon Pairings – Finn & Gardevoir

Finn is a former stormtrooper who joins the Resistance, but he has a hard time picturing himself as a hero. He dealt with abuse under the First Order and fears what might happen if his enemies ever find him. Even with these uncertainties, Finn dedicates himself to the fight for justice, protecting his friends at all costs and even offering a helping hand to strangers in need. Finn shares a lot of similar traits as the Pokémon Gardevoir, who will guard its trainer with its life. This is a duo that will always have each other’s back.

Star Wars & Pokémon Pairings – Poe & Spearow

Poe & Spearow stand by a space craft

Poe Dameron is known for his flying abilities, which he learned at a young age from his parents. His confidence as a pilot also plays into his personality, with his natural charisma and ability to charm people. He is definitely a people person, but he is known to be a terrible liar, which his friends often remind him about. He might not be one of the big leaders in the Star Wars galaxy, but he knows when to spearhead a mission. Similar to Poe, Spearow shows aggressiveness and independence, though they are both known for being a bit foolish at times. Both have vigorous appetites, though Spearow’s is directed towards bugs and Poe’s is directed towards risk. Their eagerness to accomplish their personal goals makes them an excellent pairing.

There will probably never be an official list of Pokémon paired with Star Wars characters, but it’s fun to imagine what things might look like if these two fantasy worlds collided. Thankfully, the Star Wars universe continues to grow, with new shows and movies currently in development. Perhaps, one day, each of these main characters will have a movie fully dedicated to their backstories.

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