Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow Join Forces Against Loki’s Son

In the latest issue of Snake Eyes: Deadgame, Snake Eyes and his longtime rival Storm Shadow work together to take down the serpent son of Loki.

Warning: contains spoilers for Snake Eyes: Deadgame #3!

In the latest issue of IDW Publishing’s Snake Eyes: Deadgamethe silent ninja operative of G.I. Joe is facing the Grave Master, an ancient enemy who will take over the world and threatens to expose Snake Eyes’ classified and mysterious past. The Grave Master Kirigun once fought none other than the Norse God Of Thunder Thor in an event he calls the Deadgame, and his daughter Olympia has handpicked Snake Eyes to serve as Grave Master’s next opponent for a new contest. The gods are no more, so Snake Eyes is the next best thing. In preparation for the next Deadgame, Kirigun is forcing Snake Eyes to fight the son of Loki, though Snake Eyes surprisingly gets a hand in the battle from his longtime rival Storm Shadow.

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As the series, by Rob Liefled and Chad Bowers, has gone on, Snake Eyes has been locked in battle with Kirigun and his followers. The Grave Master is a wizard heard only in legends of the Arashikage ninja clan, which Snake Eyes and his former sword brother Storm Shadow are both members of, despite being associated with the rival organizations of G.I Joe and Cobra. However, the Grave Master is now alive and very real, having been resurrected after nearly a thousand years by corrupted souls within the Arashikage clan for a new Deadgame. Unfortunately for Snake Eyes (whose training was revealed to have come in part from Kirigun’s daughter Olympia), he has been chosen to fight the Grave Master, but things aren’t as simple as a single duel.

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Snake Eyes was just thrown into a massive pit that houses one of the sons of Loki, Jörmungandr. What makes Jörmungandr truly frightening is that he’s also known as the World Serpent, taking the form of a massive king cobra snake. Grave Master forces Snake Eyes to fight the beast as a test, and to retrieve Kirigun’s Dead Sword embedded in the monster’s tail. However, Snake Eyes ends up not being alone in his daunting test, receiving assistance from none other than Storm Shadow himself. Apparently, Storm Shadow is just as concerned and determined to defeat the Grave Master as Snake Eyes. Working in tandem, the duo eventually manage to slay the World Serpent, though Storm Shadow makes it quite clear that this team-up never happened.

Snakeyes dead game

However, the battle is not yet over. With the Dead Sword in hand, Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow climb out of the pit to face the Grave Master and his daughter. While Snake Eyes faces off against Olympia, Storm Shadow himself engages with Kirigun, angered by the Arashikage souls Kirigun corrupted and sacrificed to ensure his return. While the Grave Master tries to corrupt Storm Shadow as well, the ninja proves too strong and is able to resist him.

Unfortunately, the issue ends with Grave Master getting his hands on his powerful sword all the same, ready to finally enact his Deadgame. However, backup does arrive in the form of Scarlett and a squad of Joes, ready to take the fight to Kirigun in the hopes of defeating him once and for all. However, if Kirigun can best literal gods such as Thor, it’s not going to be an easy fight for Snake Eyes and his allies by any means.

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