Silent Hills For PS5 ‘Confirmed’ By God Of War: Ragnarok Leaker

A credited leaker has teased that Hideo Kojima’s Silent Hills may be back on track as a PlayStation 5 exclusive helmed by its original creative team.

A so-far reliable leaker of PlayStation 5 like God of War: Ragnorok games has struck again, hinting that Silent Hills may be on its way after all in some form. The horror game was originally set to be a project by famed Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima in conjunction with filmmaker Guillermo del Toro and star actor Norman Reedus. This was confirmed thanks to the PS4’s P.T., a playable teaser of the game that was released during E3 2014 to critical acclaim and high player expectations. The project was thought to have fallen apart after Kojima’s high-profile departure from Konami (leading to his independent formation of Kojima Studios and Death Stranding), but it seems that the company is finally moving forward with multiple blockbusters based on his work.

The same man who knew about God of War: Ragnorok before its reveal has also promised that a Metal Gear Solid remake is coming, allegedly coming from Demon’s Souls‘ Bluepoint Games. After Konami’s pitiful attempt to create its own entry in the Metal Gear franchise with the much-maligned Metal Gear Survive was thoroughly rejected by critics and audiences, a third-party remake of the game that put the series on the map seems like a logical way to move forward.

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The second game leaked out by YouTuber Moore’s Law is Dead during a recent podcast is Silent Hills, a game that he alleges is “almost entirely confirmed.” He claims that Konami and Hideo Kojima were able to come to an agreement that would allow the game maker to continue the work he started before leaving the publisher. That would be a huge and completely unprecedented move, as Konami famously booted Kojima from the company in a distasteful fashion, and Kojima has since denied any involvement in the Metal Gear and Silent Hill franchises.

There’s one further detail about the game that could let players know when they’ll be seeing more. As some might expect given the history between Hideo Kojima and Geoff Keighley, the announcement of Silent Hills could be one of the big reveals of this year’s Game Awards. Keighley was outspoken about Konami’s treatment of Kojima, using his Game Awards platform to condemn the publisher. Therefore, it could be a big PR move to have Konami make a splash on that very stage while working with the developer they previously publicly mistreated.

During the conversation, Moore’s Law is Dead drops another PlayStation tidbit that is quite interesting. Sony has apparently been saving gameplay reveals and other announcements, both because their entire supply of PS5s is selling out instantly and because they lack competition in the exclusives front. For now, that is probably the correct position, as Xbox’s exclusive lineup is still mostly under wraps and in development at their new studios. At the same time, it’s another indicator of Sony’s arrogance in this generation, and it might cost them in the future. Sony is still treating this upcoming period as a battle between consoles, but exclusive games will matter slightly less in a battle of online platforms.

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Source: Moore’s Law is Dead

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