Microsoft Flight Simulator Adding Dozens Of Great Britain Locations

The next world update for Microsoft Flight Simulator has been unveiled; players will soon be able to explore an enhanced Great Britain.

The next major update has been announced for Microsoft Flight Simulator; it will be centered around Great Britain, adding and revamping numerous points of interest across the region. This continued support is admirable for a game that launched with such an impressive map to begin with; Asobo Studio has done a remarkable job modeling the planet, and has even used a faithful live weather system that some adventurous players used to explore Hurricane Laura earlier this year.

But after launch, Asobo Studio has been narrowing its focus. The developer has been launching a series of major updates, each dedicated to one particular region. The most recent such update went live earlier this week, and greatly revitalized the game’s simulation of the United States. Asobo added several new airports to the map, and peppered in some of America’s most iconic landmarks for players to admire from the comfort of their cockpits. Points of interest like the Statue of Liberty, Devil’s Tower, and Mount Rushmore were all added to the game for players to admire.

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In the wake of this major update, Asobo has already unveiled what’s next for the simulation game. PCGamer reports on this revelation, which came during a recent Q&A stream. The new update will focus on the Great Britain region. Specifically, it will focus on England, Wales, and Scotland, even though the update’s official name, the United Kingdom Update, would suggest that Northern Ireland be involved too. During the stream, developer Jorg Neumann mentioned that there was no data yet available for Northern Ireland, and that it would be better to make a whole update for Ireland at a later date. The UK update, meanwhile, will add 50 to 60 points of interest throughout the area, as well as several new airports, including Manchester Barton and Land’s End in Cornwall. A release date for the update is as yet unknown.

Asobo Studio is establishing a very consistent schedule for these updates. The initial announcement for the US update came just a few days after the first world update, which upgraded Japan, went live. The US update then followed about two months later. If Asobo is sticking to this schedule, then fans can likely expect the UK update to arrive sometime in late January or early February. Of course, this is all speculation; only Asobo Studio can say for certain when the update will be released.

Asobo Studio has already done an excellent job with Microsoft Flight Simulator. The game has drawn a very sizable fanbase and done quite well for itself financially speaking to boot. Fans have taken to the game for its impressive simulation, and for the hilarious glitches that inevitably accompany a rendering of such breadth. Anomalies like the impossibly tall tower in the game’s version of Australia spring to mind as ready examples of the things fans love about the game. Hopefully, even if the UK update doesn’t supply any new geographical anomalies, it will still provide some excellent new content for fans to enjoy and explore.

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Source: PCGamer

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