A New Marvel Superhero Takes Over Daredevil’s Job

Daredevil may be going to jail for a very long time, and he’s going to need someone to watch over Hell’s Kitchen while he’s gone. Enter Elektra!

Warning: spoilers for Daredevil #24 ahead!

A new Marvel superhero has taken over Daredevil’s job, and it is none other than his former lover Elektra. In Daredevil #24, by the team of writer Chip Zdarsky, artist Mike Hawthorne, inker JP Mayer and colorist Mattia Iacono, Daredevil is about to stand trial for murder – a trial in which he will almost certainly be found guilty. In his darkest hour, Elektra steps up and does Daredevil a huge favor, however uncharacteristic that might be…

Daredevil knows he will be found guilty of the murder of a liquor store thief named Leo Carraro; the kicker is he is being tried as Daredevil and not Matt Murdock. The heat is closing in on him: first Foggy assembles a legal team consisting of Matt’s twin “brother” Mike and Kirsten McDuffie, an ex-lover, two of the last people he would want on his team. There is also the question of who will guard Hell’s Kitchen; Daredevil has been working on this as well. He had planned for Tony Stark to buy his property in Hell’s Kitchen, but Tony was outbid at the last moment by a mystery bidder. Unable to find out who it was, and feeling it is now a lost cause, an anxious Daredevil heads to trial.

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The trial does not get off to a good start. A number of Daredevil’s colleagues, including Captain America and Luke Cage, have shown up alongside Typhoid Mary and Kingpin. If that wasn’t enough, Elektra is there as well. During a quiet moment in the trial, Elektra whispers, in a tone so quiet only Daredevil can hear it, that she bought the property. Now armed with the knowledge Hell’s Kitchen is in good hands, Daredevil pleads guilty to second-degree murder, able to face justice in the knowledge his wider responsibilities won’t go unfulfilled.

Elektra’s actions in this issue are a true gift to her former lover and longtime ally, but also a little odd in light of the fact Daredevil refused her request for help fighting the Hand. But while she’s whispering to him about buying the place, she tells him she does not understand him, and never will. Ironically, this shows she does understand Daredevil – she knows how much this means to him, even if she herself can’t appreciate it. Elektra has long been a deadly warrior, also trained by Daredevil’s mentor Stick and cleansed of her past sins as an assassin by Matt Murdock in Frank Miller’s beloved Daredevil run. Since then, Elektra has been something of a Marvel antihero, generally fighting on the side of the angels, but with techniques unbecoming of a superhero.

Of course, this raises some questions: what exactly will Elektra do with Daredevil’s property? Will she set herself up as the new Guardian of Hell’s Kitchen? Or will she somehow use it in her crusade against the newly-insurgent Hand? One tantalizing possibility raised by Elektra‘s adoption of Daredevil’s role is that the series will actually follow through with the idea of Daredevil serving significant jail time for his crime. Whatever the case, it was an awesome, tender moment between two people who despite the history between them, remain the strongest friends and allies.

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