10 Things About Meredith That Make No Sense

Thanks to her wise voiceovers and complicated family history, Meredith Grey is not only the protagonist of Grey’s Anatomy but the character whom fans became attached to immediately. Ellen Pompeo brings a real vulnerability to Meredith, who is often dark and moody, and who has trouble opening up to people.

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Fans are confused by some of the patients on the show and there are some confusing parts of Meredith Grey’s time on the series as well. From her personality to some of the choices that she makes in her professional and personal life, Meredith can do things that make fans scratch their heads.

10 She’s A Loner Yet Is In A People-Oriented Profession

Meredith loses her husband and best friend and that would be enough to make anyone dark and devastated. But even in the first season, this character is a loner who doesn’t seem to want to make new friends. She can’t relate to other people very well, even the fellow interns who dream of becoming doctors just like she does.

If Meredith isn’t a people person, why is she in a job that means that she has to talk to patients and their families on a regular basis? It seems like an odd choice. She appears to flourish in a research role, so why didn’t she go that route instead? There are a lot of other careers she could have had in the medical profession that would have still allowed her to make a difference.

9 She Doesn’t Deal With Her Past

Thatcher and Meredith Susan's Death Grey's Anatomy

Meredith lived her whole life in the shadow of her brilliant mother. As a result, Meredith has a big problem that she carries around every day with her: she doesn’t deal with her past.

Any child would be completely ruined and scarred by watching their mom try to kill themselves, so it’s understandable that Meredith has a lot of wounds. She also never got along with her mom and that was tough for her as well. But it’s confusing that Meredith doesn’t deal with her past, as it gets in the way of her moving forward and finding contentment and joy in her daily life. She could definitely find some comfort in therapy.

8 She’s Mean Yet Everyone Loves Her

It’s hard to call Meredith a sweetheart. She’s nothing like April Kepner, Arizona Robbins, or even Izzie Stevens.

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It doesn’t make any sense that Meredith is such a popular and beloved person in the hospital when she’s truly a mean person (at least most of the time). She’s the kind of person who others wish that they could be, as she’s beautiful and intelligent and confident, but she could be much friendlier. It seems like if this was a real-life hospital, the others would have more problems with her.

7 She Makes All The Decisions In Her Marriage

It’s pretty complicated when Derek passes away because he and Meredith didn’t get a chance to work through the huge issues in their marriage.

While these two characters have a romantic love story, Meredith seems to make all the decisions in their relationship, and that’s odd. She doesn’t seem to respect him very much, especially when he gets a job working for the president. Sure, it’s understandable that she doesn’t want him to be gone so much, but it’s hard to think of a bigger job to get. Why can’t Meredith make it work for a short period of time?

6 She Goes Missing And Doesn’t Contact Her Friends Or Family

There are some great memes about Derek as he was such a popular character. It makes sense that Meredith would be completely out of sorts after his death, especially since it’s so sudden.

Meredith does something weird when he dies, though: she goes missing and doesn’t tell her friends and family. She even has a baby. This is one of the most confusing things about this Grey’s Anatomy character.

5 She Assumes Derek Is Single, Then Is Shocked That He’s Married

If Meredith and Derek had met and started dating in a more traditional manner, it would have made sense for her to assume that of course he was single and ready for a relationship.

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But since they met in a bar and hooked up behind everyone’s backs for a while, it does make sense that Derek would actually be married and that his situation would be complicated. Meredith should definitely have asked him more questions or not made so many assumptions. She wanted to keep things casual with him, so she should own that choice.

4 She’s Anti-Social Yet Invites People To Live In Her House

Meredith isn’t a social person and she also lives in her mother’s house, which makes it seem like she doesn’t need to deal with roommates or rent money or any of the other frustrations that come with being a young adult just getting started in life.

If Meredith is so anti-social, why does she bother with this? It seems like a strange thing for her to do.

3 Why Doesn’t She Visit Cristina?

Cristina and Meredith had a solid friendship, and it seems fair to say that there isn’t a single Grey’s Anatomy fan who doesn’t miss Sandra Oh’s character and wish that she was back on the show full-time.

Why doesn’t Meredith visit Cristina? It seems like if her best friend was living in another part of the world, Meredith would make sure to visit her regularly. She could bring her children or ask a good friend or relative to look after them, so it seems doable. Cristina texted Meredith in a season 16 episode, but that was pretty lame.

2 Why Is She Nice To Penny?

It’s unfortunate that Penny was involved in Derek’s death, as she’s actually a sweet person who would otherwise fit right in with the group. She’s a bit quieter and more sensitive than the others, so it might take her a little bit to feel comfortable, but it’s easy to see her as one of their co-workers.

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Meredith is actually a lot nicer to Penny than fans would have expected. She does offer her forgiveness and also has some wise words about how doctors have a patient who haunts them because they couldn’t save them. Meredith is a dark person who holds grudges, so why is so kind toward this woman who made such a big mistake? It’s hard to understand why she forgives Penny when she’s not so forgiving of her parents.

1 She Judges Others Yet Gets Involved In Insurance Fraud

Season 16 isn’t a happy one for Meredith. Despite falling in love with popular character Andrew DeLuca, their relationship doesn’t last, and she gets involved in insurance fraud.

While Meredith cares about her patients and of course she would never want someone to get sicker or die because of their health insurance situation, she knows this is wrong. It makes no sense that Meredith, after watching Izzie cut Denny’s LVAD wire, would make such a big mistake.

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