Which Shaun Of The Dead Character Are You, Based On Your Zodiac?

Edgar Wright’s brilliantly British take on the zombie genre, Shaun of the Dead (2004), is nothing short of a cinematic grand slam (in addition to the rest of the Cornetto Trilogy, of course). More than just being a comical parody, however, this movie doesn’t focus on the standard hero tropes, considering that the two main protagonists are major blockheads.

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The other characters are a respite, thankfully, from Shaun and Ed’s mostly annoying meandering life philosophies, which reflects in their attitude towards the zombie apocalypse taking place, of all possible times, on a Sunday morning. It’s certainly going to be interesting to learn which zodiac sign fits these folk the best.

12 Aries – Yvonne

Shaun Of The Dead Yvonne

One of Shaun’s oldest friends, Yvonne, isn’t a major character in the movie, but it’s quite evident that her Zodiac sign is Aries. Like him, she’s in charge of her own version of a survival team, consisting of Declan, Maggie, Tom, Mark, as well as her mother.

She also mentions that she had recently indulged in real estate, implying that she has most of her affairs in order. Finally, she not only survives the ending but also willingly enlists to help the army take care of the zombie outbreak. Typical Aries strength.

11 Taurus – Liz

Shaun Of The Dead

Liz tolerates Shaun’s irresponsible behavior for quite a long period of time, indicating that her level of patience must be through the roof. Like most Taureans would, when she dumps him, it’s after evaluating every possible outcome and coming to the conclusion that it would be best for both of them.

Also, Liz happens to be a rather gregarious person, as seen through her insistence that they actually step out of the house and interact with other human beings.

10 Gemini – David

David is head over heels in love with Liz but keeps it secret (to a point) so as not to jeopardize his relationship with Diane. Strangely, this ability to maintain two separate streams of emotion so well is what classifies him as a Gemini, the star sign known to be among the most adjustable ones.

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He is certainly intelligent, in an academic sort of way, which is another classic aspect of the Gemini. The main problem, though, is how much he hates Shaun for “having” what he can’t ever have.

9 Cancer – Pete

Pete transforms into a Zombie quite early on in the story, but he’s quite annoying while he’s alive, too. As a Cancer, he’s oddly perceptive about the issues caused for Shaun due to his friendship with Ed, which, to be honest, is an accurate estimation.

Then again, he’s cursed with a horrible mood, as he explodes at the slightest provocation (a sensitive chap, so to speak). For example, Pete yells at his roommates incessantly, in one case, for playing music “too loudly.”

8 Leo – Dianne

Dianne Shaun of the Dead

Unlike her boyfriend, Dianne is a model of calmness, as she comprehends the lack of value in freaking out when they should be attempting an escape plan. She exemplifies the loyalty of the Leo, especially towards David — the fact that she chases after his corpse directly into the throng of zombies is proof enough.

Further, the bonus features exclusive to the DVD release shows that Dianne did not, in fact, get eaten as presumed. She valiantly broke through the swarming undead and hides in a tree until it was safe to reappear.

7 Virgo – Shaun

shaun of the dead simon pegg

Shaun is the definition of the average bloke. He has nothing to boast about, really, not looks, money, nor intelligence. However, the Virgo sign has blessed him with one of the most useful features a human being can possess: grit.

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In addition, Shaun’s demeanor is hardly an accurate depiction of his personality, given that he succeeds in saving a number of people with his quick-thinking, especially when burdened by the pressure to stay alive.

6 Libra – Cousin Tom

Shaun Of The Dead opposite group

Tom makes one appearance in the whole film, lagging behind on Yvonne’s group (focused on nothing more than his phone). He’s meant to represent Ed, which explains why his brain is unable to pay attention to the real details.

Ironic, because the Libra is meant to be rational and intelligent. Still, it means that Tom has accepted the outcome of the zombie apocalypse, perhaps after reasoning out his chance for survival, a bizarre but specific Libra attribute.

5 Scorpio – Noel

Noel’s Scorpio qualities are evident from the very beginning of the narrative. He constantly makes fun of Shaun for not having a life, needling him about being too old to have a job at Foree Electric.

Unfortunately, Noel exhibits solely negative features of this star sign, but his assignment is indisputable. His bullying nature makes him a terrible person to be around, so it’s a relief for everyone when he becomes a zombie.

4 Sagittarius – Philip

Shaun of the Dead Philip

As much as Shaun hates him, Philip has actually been a decent substitute father for him; he even drops in at his workplace just to see how his stepson is doing (and to offer a strong hint about meeting his mother).

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However, it seems that the older man doesn’t really know how to show his love, which is typical of a Sagittarius, since he believes that nagging Shaun about getting flowers for his mom counts as a form of affection. Philip is proud of his achievements, most of all his Jaguar.

3 Capricorn – Ed

For all his faults, Ed is a genuinely lovely person (if one disregards his hygiene and lack of concern about his future). Being a Capricorn, his positive traits include his loyalty, honesty, and an unabashed eagerness to help out wherever he can, except, probably, at home.

It is this intrinsic baby-like nature that makes him so endearing and also explains why Shaun keeps him around even though he does nothing more than creates a messes and plays video games.

2 Aquarius – Jeremy Thompson

Shaun of the Dead Jeremy Thompson

So Jeremy Thompson is a real-life news anchor who has a cameo role in Shaun of the Dead, but his tiny presence has a massive impact on the flow of the narrative: He explains that the zombies can be killed or destroyed if their brains are removed, giving the protagonists a possible way out.

In this sense, he embodies an Aquarius, given that he considers it his prime objective to spread crucial information in a time of crisis (rather than running off and hiding until the whole thing blows over.)

1 Pisces – Barbara

Shaun of the Dead Barbara

Shaun’s mother, Barbara, is absolutely adorable — she cares so much about her son, that she excitedly attempts to feed him afternoon snacks when he visits (although her husband, Philip, is about to morph into a zombie).

Along the same lines, she refuses to escape if Philip also doesn’t come along with them, demonstrating the limitless empathy reserved for those born under the Pisces sign.

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