Rick & Morty Are The Same Person (& 9 Other Wild Fan Theories We Hope Are True)

With season 4 of Rick and Morty being well behind us and season 5 in the very distant future, fans are stuck in a weird limbo just like Rick and Jerry are still stuck in a simulation, so there’s no better time than now to revisit the irreverent series.

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Being one of the best raunchy animated shows according to IMDb, Rick and Morty’s success isn’t just owed to its toilet humor and hilarious insults, as the parallel universes and absurd themes have led to fans conjuring some of the most fascinating theories.

10 Rick And Morty Are The Same Person

As if the show didn’t have enough depressing undertones, the idea that Rick is actually an older version of Morty will leave fans reaching for that flask of whiskey. Some fans believe that Rick is really Morty and he has traveled back in time just so he can watch over and take care of his younger self.

Another theory takes it one step further, with the idea that Morty is stuck in a time loop and when Rick dies, Morty will grow into him and look after the new Morty.

9 Super Trees Are The Source Of Rick’s Genius

In the very first episode of the show, Rick forces Morty to shove huge spiky seeds up his butt, acting as a mule as they go through customs, which is one of the worst things Rick ever did to Morty.

These seeds fell from “supertrees” and this is never properly addressed again. One theory suggests that the juice from the seeds is what Rick drinks from his flask the whole time, not alcohol, which is what most people presume.

8 Mr. Poopy Butthole

Rick and Morty is a bizarre show, and one of the weirdest episodes is “Total Rickall,” which features the character Mr. Poopy Butthole, but as weird as it was, the moment Beth shot the new character is still one of the times the show broke our hearts.

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The character was killed when he was believed to be a parasite, only it was revealed that he never was a parasite because he had bad memories, which parasites aren’t able to have. Fans have come up with the theory that maybe Mr. Poopy Butthole actually was a parasite, and he was just intelligent enough to learn.

7 It’s All About Ice Cream

Rick eating ice cream

Everybody loves ice cream, but in Rick and Morty the are a few too many instances where people are eating the cold treat for it to just be a coincidence.

Jerry tips $450 at the Coldstone Creamery, Rick and Summer beat a child to a pulp after he ruined another kid’s ice cream, and there are way too many other references to mention. Though it isn’t clear why ice cream is so dominant in the show, it raises a lot of questions that need answers.

6 Rick And Jerry Are In A Simulation

Rick and Morty The Simulation

Being thrown into a simulation was one of the times we felt bad for Jerry, but there’s a theory that both Rick and Jerry are still in the simulation.

After aliens trap Rick in a simulation in an attempt to get the recipe for his dark matter, which is still one of Rick’s best inventions, many fans believe that the two of them are still trapped in there, and the world that they “escaped” to is still a simulation.

5 Rick’s Depression

Rick and Morty Rick Garage

When Rick sacrificed himself for Morty, it was one of the times he was a good grandpa, but it was also one of the many times Rick shows how much of a nihilist he is, which is a clear sign of depression.

Anybody who watches the show can tell that the character is clinically depressed, but some fans speculate that the reason for his depression is because Rick knows full well that he’s in a TV show. The character knows he can’t possibly escape, which explains why he breaks the fourth wall so often.

4 The Show Will End After Season Eight

In the extremely meta season 4 episode “Never Ricking Morty,” in which, parodying the underrated Chris Evans movie Snowpiercer, the pair work their way through a train, with each car having its own problems.

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Fans were quick to point out that the train has eight cars in total, and when they enter the fourth car, Rick exclaims, “we’re here,” which has led people to take that literally, meaning that they were in the fourth season.

3 Scary Terry Is A Morty

In the early days of the show, Rick and Morty wasn’t as fast-paced and subversive as it is today, as sometimes it just had fun parodying movies like Inception, Back to the Future, and Nightmare On Elm Street.

In “Lawnmower Dog,” the duo encounter Scary Terry, a monster who is similar in form to Freddy Kruger. One theory suggests that Terry is a version of Morty. As a teen, Terry struggled in school, specifically in mathematics, just like Morty did.

2 Evil Morty’s Origin

Though on the face of it the intro has always seemed like the creators were having fun and creating tiny meaningless vignettes, Evil Morty’s origin could be hidden in plain sight according to some fans.

In the intro, Rick abandons Morty in a world that is riddled with giant frog monsters, leaving Morty to protect himself. This potentially made Morty bitter and eventually led him to turn evil and seek revenge

1 Some Episodes Aren’t Canon

Rick and Morty Abrodolph Lincoler in Never Ricking Morty

With “Never Ricking Morty” seemingly being a bottomless glass of conspiracy theories, the episode has led many fans to believe that some episodes purposefully aren’t canon.

The episode is thought to have separated the episodes of the show into two different camps, with episodes that follow C-137 Rick and Morty being serialized, whereas standalone episodes must be Ricks and Mortys from different timelines.

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