Joe Park Admits He Had ‘No Idea’ Who Tayshia Adams Was

Joe Park, the beloved anesthesiologist who was recently eliminated, just confessed in an interview that he didn’t know who Tayshia Adams was.

Joe Park was unceremoniously eliminated from The Bachelorette last night after a solid few weeks of wooing fans with his maturity and kindness. In a recent interview, Joe got real about his time on the show and made a surprising confession: when Tayshia Adams walked through the door, he had no idea who she was.

Joe Park sparked loud cries of “Joe for Bachelor” from as early as the first episode. Fans loved the Asian representation, but they also loved Joe in general. He is a 36-year-old anesthesiologist from New York City, and his impressive job isn’t the only thing fans fell in love with. Joe was quick to choose kindness at the wrestling date, telling Spencer he was a really nice guy and had pretty eyes during the trash-talking portion of the event. The high school volleyball champion didn’t back down from the actual wrestling portion, either. Later in the episode, Joe showed Tayshia a picture of his family, and also played the guitar for her, which didn’t make the air. Although Joe was eliminated this week, fans are still #TeamJoe, and his newest interview provides juicy details about the eligible bachelor.

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The most unexpected admittance in Joe’s interview with EW is that he didn’t know who Tayshia was when she walked in on her first night. He knew Clare would be the Bachelorette ahead of time, but no one (besides maybe the producers) knew that they’d be meeting someone new halfway through. Joe recalled that first night meeting Tayshia, saying, “Uh, I had no idea who she was. She walked in and she really does have a vibrance about her that is undeniable — outside of the really bright [sequined] dress she was wearing that was like kind of blinding in and of itself.” It appears Joe was not an avid Bachelor-watcher before he joined the show. He says someone from the show reached out to him in late spring and asked, “Would you be interested in going on a popular television dating show?” Joe said COVID inspired him to seize the moment and go for it. Now, he can’t believe the positive reaction he’s getting.

Joe experienced the realities of COVID firsthand, which he detailed in the interview. He worked at the 2nd hardest-hit hospital in New York City and caught COVID himself in mid-April. This experience made his time on the show even more special, he says. When asked how he feels about fans wanting him for the next Bachelor, Joe says, “The first thought when I saw that was like — I know Matt James is the Bachelor now, and I was like, man, I hope I’m not still single by 2022.” His fans may hope otherwise!

Joe did admit he knows love is possible from the show, so Bachelor in Paradise isn’t out of the realm of possibility for him. Even though Joe didn’t know who Tayshia was, he played it off well, and we’re betting he could do the same thing in Paradise. Joe’s admittance does leave us wondering how many of the guys actually recognized Tayshia when she walked in. For now, it doesn’t seem to matter, since Tayshia is making so many romantic connections with the guys who are still left.

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Source: Entertainment Weekly

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