What Is DeAngelo Williams & Gary Barnidge’s Net Worth

Before The Amazing Race 32, DeAngelo Williams and Gary Barnidge had successful NFL careers. Here’s what to know about each of their net worths.

Throughout the many seasons of The Amazing Race, viewers have seen numerous athletes compete on the show in hopes of winning the $1 million grand prize. Among the athletes that have competed on the show in the past are former NFL players Ken Green, Chester Pitts & Ephraim Salaam, and Marcus Pollard, to name a few. Two more former NFL players can be added to the list as DeAngelo Williams and Gary Barnidge are now also competing on the show.

Before competing on The Amazing Race, DeAngelo and Gary met as teammates on the Carolina Panthers, where they played for a few years. Despite being on the same team, that doesn’t mean that the friends have the same net worth, even though it could be possible but very unlikely. For many fans, they wanted to know who made a higher net worth between the two, and here is your answer to that question.

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According to a CheatSheet report, The Amazing Race season 32 star Gary’s net worth is unknown in exact terms, but he’s made close to $11.5 million over his nine-year NLF career. In turn, DeAngelo played in the NFL for eleven years, just two more years than Gary, before starting a short-lived career as a wrestler. His net worth is estimated at $16 million, which would be $4.5 million more than Gary’s. So even though they played together on the same team for many years, it seems like DeAngelo might have a higher net worth between the friends.

This net worth estimation shouldn’t come as a surprise to The Amazing Race fans since DeAngelo retired a few years after Gary did, leaving him room to make more money and add to his net worth. Although not by much, that did give him a chance to earn slightly more money than his TAR partner. Despite the different net worths and not always playing on the same team, the former teammates have remained close friends.

Throughout their time on The Amazing Race, the former NFL players were only able to earn a first-place win during Leg 6. They were somewhere in the middle of the pack throughout the majority of the competition, but they’ve picked up momentum recently, and there’s still a lot of racing left to be done. Overall, it could still be anyone’s game to win the $1 million grand prize.

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The Amazing Race airs Wednesdays at 8PM EST on CBS.

Source: CheatSheet

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