Watch The Expanse Cast React to Season 6 Renewal News

The Expanse has officially been renewed for a sixth and final season on Netflix, and the show’s cast can be seen celebrating the news in a new video.

The Expanse has been renewed for a sixth season, and no one’s more excited than the show’s own cast. The series aired its first three seasons on Syfy before a cancellation and subsequent fan campaign led to a renewal by Amazon. Season 5 begins a weekly schedule on December 16 and the sixth and final season has officially been ordered by the streaming platform.

With many shows of the modern streaming era doomed to cancellation after approximately two seasons, The Expanse has prevailed as an encouraging instance of both merited continuation and the power of fan support. The series has been praised by both viewers and critics for its gorgeous aesthetics, expert handling of complex sociopolitical topics, and diverse cast of characters. Cas Anvar, who’s played Alex Kamal since the first season, will not be returning for season 6 after an internal investigation into numerous allegations against Anvar of sexual harassment and assault this summer.

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Fans are surely excited at the prospect of another full season after season 5, and the show’s cast seems to be as well. In a video posted to The Expanse’s official Twitter account, members of the cast are shown on a video call celebrating the news of season 6’s announcement. For a show that’s built up such a passionate fan-following largely due to the strength and chemistry of its cast, it’s fun to see those same stars so excited at the news of hopping back in for one more run. You can see the clip for yourselves below.

Considering some beloved TV shows are prematurely cancelled before they have an opportunity to end their ongoing narrative, it’s definitely a win all around that one as popular as The Expanse will get a chance to properly wrap up its arcs. The series of novels the show is based on, authored by Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck, is set to wrap up its own primary story next year with the ninth full title, Leviathan Falls. While the show has stayed relatively true to the books up until now, the sixth season being its last does suggest some storylines will be abbreviated or otherwise changed.

Still, news of more to come is absolutely good news for fans. Because of production hiatuses incurred by the coronavirus pandemic, the writers and production team may have the benefit of extra time in making sure the series’ conclusion is a satisfying one. In the meantime, The Expanse season 5 awaits just down the road.

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The Expanse season 5 premieres December 16 on Amazon Prime.

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