Aubrey Plaza Calls Viral Jonas Brothers Genderswapped Photo Her Sisters

In a recent tweet, Audrey Plaza, of NBC’s Parks and Rec, referred to a viral genderswapped photo of the Jonas Brothers as her sisters.

Aubrey Plaza calls a viral Jonas Brothers genderswapped photo her “sisters.” The 36-year-old Plaza is no stranger to comedy. Her dry wit and deadpan humor, made famous through her breakout role as April Ludgate on NBC’s Parks and Rec, has been at the top of the actress’s calling card since the sitcom’s debut in 2009. The show wrapped after seven seasons, but Plaza has maintained that frank, unfiltered humor throughout her career in films like Dirty Grandpa, Ingrid Goes West, and on her legendary viral late-night talk show appearances.

Plaza made Jonas Brothers-related headlines back in January as she related a story on The Ellen DeGeneres Show about scoring tickets to the group’s concert the previous year. After she was tagged in a Jonas Brothers Instagram post, Plaza slid into Joe Jonas’s DMs asking for a hookup for her and her superfan younger sister to see their show in Vegas, to which Joe happily obliged. Plaza and her sister attended, hung out with the Jonases all night as part of their entourage, and then never spoke to them again.

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Earlier this week, a viral pic of a genderswapped Jonas Brothers, courtesy of Twitter user harrisonposting, caught Plaza’s attention. She shared the image with the quip, “omg can’t wait to get back on tour with my bandmates and sisters.” The picture, created through FaceApp, features the three brothers (left to right) Nick, Joe, and Kevin, with long dark hair, feminine toned features, and makeup, which bears a striking resemblance to Plaza. You can check out Plaza’s retweet below.

The doctored photo originated from a red carpet appearance of the Jonas Brothers in 2019. Amidst press junkets for their Amazon Prime documentary Chasing Happiness, the Jonases posed together for the viral image. Ironically enough, the new album’s concert tour put them in Vegas later that year, which may have been the same show where they met Plaza.

Plaza, with her two real-life younger sisters, Renee and Natalie, could definitely be a Jonas sister. In her interview with Ellen, the Parks and Rec star lightly joked that despite their non-communication since the Vegas performance, she considers them “friends” in her eyes. Perhaps this viral photo escapade will be the spark to ultimately reunite the Jonas Brothers and their “Jonas Sisters” counterparts, and their blossoming friendship can continue.

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