When PS5 Restocks Are Coming To Walmart This Week

The PlayStation 5 continues selling out at retailers, but Walmart is getting restocks this week. Here’s exactly when PS5 orders go live again.

The PlayStation 5 may have released worldwide, but there’s still plenty of people who don’t have one yet. Sony’s newest console continues to sell out at major retailers, and the PS5 is going to get even more difficult to obtain as Black Friday approaches. However, Walmart is getting restocks this week – and the company has even unveiled when exactly its PS5 orders will go live again.

During the lead-up to Black Friday, major retailers like Best Buy and GameStop have put the PS5 front and center. PS5 bundles went live during the night at GameStop, but Walmart’s restocks are coming a little bit later. In order for PlayStation 5 sales to go as smoothly as possible, the company has already announced when it’s going live with PS5 orders again. Thankfully, prospective PS5 owners won’t have to wait too much longer.

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This isn’t the first time Walmart has announced PS5 orders prior to the console releasing on its online site. Initial PS5 pre-orders were a fiasco everywhere, but since then, the company has tried to smooth things over. On launch day, Walmart announced specific times PS5 orders would go live throughout the day. Now, the company is repeating that approach by announcing when PlayStation restocks are coming this week.

When PS5 Ordering Opens At Walmart

Walmart with PS5

According to Walmart’s website, PlayStation 5 orders will go live on Wednesday, November 25th, at 9 pm EST. These orders include both the standard PS5 and the all-digital version. This is part of the company’s Black Friday deals, but due to high demand and COVID-19 safety measures, the consoles are only available to order online. However, people can select to have their console shipped to the store for pick-up if they choose.

Black Friday is always a crazy time for shopping, and it’s only made crazier this year by a global pandemic and a new generation of video game consoles from not just Sony, but Microsoft as well. For anyone looking to find PS5 Black Friday deals, Walmart is a pretty good bet – especially since the company has already announced when PlayStation 5 orders are going live again online.

Even though the time and date has been shared, it doesn’t guarantee everyone will get a PS5 who wants one. In fact, PS5 restocks coupled with Black Friday shopping may make it even more difficult to obtain. Knowing the exact time, however, is a good place to start – even though it is likely that the site will crash for many people, there are some who will find what they are looking for. PlayStation 5 orders will go live at Walmart.com again on Wednesday, November 25th, starting at 9 pm EST.

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