What Janelle Has Been Up To Since All-Stars Ended

Janelle Pierzina became an even bigger celebrity after Big Brother 22: All-Stars, but she isn’t letting her reality TV success slow down her career.

Janelle Pierzina has become an even bigger celebrity after her Big Brother 22: All-Stars stint, but she isn’t letting her reality TV success slow down her real estate career. In 2020, Janelle became the first four-time Big Brother player in the history of the show. The fans were introduced to Janelle all the way back on BB6, which aired in 2005. She then came back a year later to compete on the first-ever All-Stars season, which was otherwise known as Big Brother 7. Then, Janelle’s third time on the show took place on BB14, where she was featured as a coach alongside Dan Gheesling, Britney Haynes, and Mike Boogie.

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The fans didn’t love it when Janelle’s Big Brother 22 journey was cut short after just three weeks in the competition. This felt just like her BB14 stint, which ended abruptly due to players feeling like Janelle was too good of a player and comp beast for them to just keep her around even a day longer. That said, the Queen of Big Brother was once again not that fazed by her fate on the show, and instead turned all the negatives into positives and faced each new obstacle as it appeared in front of her. So, what exactly has Janelle been up to since she left BB22?

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The Big Brother: All-Stars houseguests may have succeeded in evicting Janelle Pierzina early on in the season, but she only grew her following with the fans and created several other revenue streams as a new social media influencer. Janelle is now followed by over 250,000 people on Instagram and has landed quite a few marketing sponsors that want to advertise on her page. However, that’s not to say that Janelle is only using her grown social media following for profit. Following her eviction on BB22, Janelle auctioned the nameplate that she wore on the show and raised $18,300, which she donated to the charity organization called Give Kids The World. But despite all these new happenings, Janelle never let her reality TV success slow down her real career: a successful real estate agent. In fact, 2020 has been quite a landmark year for Janelle as far as her sales are concerned.

She didn’t have the best luck on BB22, but this season still allowed Janelle to reconnect with the show and its fans, to rekindle her friendship with BB6 and BB7 co-star Kaysar Ridha, and to expand her social media empire to new heights. All things considered, this sounds like a pretty successful Big Brother stint for anyone that is observing how this year has been playing out for her.

If anything, Big Brother 22: All-Stars only solidified Janelle’s status as the queen of this franchise. All hail the queen!

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Sources: Janelle Pierzina’s Instagram

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