PS6 ‘Joke’ By Ellen DeGeneres Gets Rejected By Twitter Gamers

Ellen Degeneres needs her phone taken away after her joke about PlayStations and iPhones bombed hard on Twitter upsetting the gaming community.

Someone needs to take Ellen DeGeneres phone away after her most recent PlayStation 6 “joke” on Twitter absolutely bombed and was rejected by the platform’s gaming community. Ellen’s jokes can sometimes feel out of touch and reveal her staid sense of humor, but her PlayStation to iPhone comparison takes the cake when it comes to bottom-of-the-barrel comedy.

It’s no secret that a new iPhone model is released almost yearly with each new model featuring marginally better technology than the last. Compared to the release of next-gen video game consoles, iPhone releases are pretty frequent. It takes seven or eight years before Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo releases a new console. There are plenty of jokes that can be made about the frequent release of new iPhones, and the various issues that new consoles present are also pretty laughable. But Ellen DeGeneres’ stab at technology humor has left more people groaning than laughing.

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Ellen DeGeneres tweeted a piece of observational humor regarding the frequent release of iPhones compared to the infrequent release of video game consoles. The tweet read, “200 years in the future… ‘Honey, have you seen my iPhone 378? I need it to preorder my PS6.’“Although some may be deceived, this is an attempt at humor. However, it fell short with Twitter’s gaming community with some large content creators chiming in with their displeasure. Internet celebrities such as Chris Ray Gun, CallMeCarson, and Ordinary Gamer are among the thousands of Twitter users who have rejected Ellen’s attempt to reach gamers with her joke.

Ellen’s joke is the kind of low-hanging fruit humor one would expect to hear from their stubborn grandparent, not a comedian with her own TV show. The saddest part about this tweet is that a large number of replies are funnier than the tweet itself. The Ellen DeGeneres Show has plenty of talented writers that Ellen surely could have (and should have) utilized to write a better tweet.

The problem with Ellen’s PS6 is that it’s simply not funny, and gaming Twitter is having a heyday letting her know they don’t approve of her joke. The internet is filled with trolls, and of the more than 4,000 people replying to Ellen DeGeneres’ tweet, there are bound to be a few that are hating for the sake of hating. However, when large creators are so appalled by someone’s tweet that they feel the need to express their opinion, that’s when you know your tweet is bad. Ellen, for the love of gaming and sake of comedy, please cut the PS6 jokes and stick to embarrassing celebrities.

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