Legion PS5 Upgrade Issues Being Investigated

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Watch Dogs: Legion PS5 upgrades aren’t appearing in PSN, forcing players to play the PS4 versions until fixed.

As people get their hands on the new PlayStation 5, many owners of the games Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Watch Dogs Legion encountered an issue when attempting to upgrade their games. Normally, owners of the PlayStation 4 version of these games would be provided with a free upgrade in their console store. However, this upgrade has been reported to not be showing up for unknown reasons. Though Watch Dogs Legion’s recent price drop mean it could be worth picking up as players wait for the upgrade.

While the PlayStation 4 version of either game does work in a PlayStation 5 console, it won’t benefit from the numerous upgrades for the current-gen verison. This could be frustrating to the owners of the game, especially knowing how difficult it is to purchase a PlayStation 5. With the PlayStation’s price and availability, owners would want to experience the game to its maximum potential. However, these free upgrades that are supposed to enhance the game to utilize all of the PS5’s features are not showing up. Even more frustrating is that the PS5 forces users to install the PS4 versions of upgraded games, taking up tons of extra space.

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Eurogamer reports that Ubisoft knows of the problem and is currently investigating it. The issue has already been posted by many players, and while Ubisoft works on a solution, it provided a suggestion to anyone encountering this problem. Firstly, the owner needs to insert the disc into their console, and go into the hub for the game. Then, after clicking “View Product,” there should be an upgrade option which the user can download. After downloading, the user then can play the upgraded version of the game, but it will require the physical disc to be inserted every time they want to play it. This solution doesn’t quite work for everyone, with some users reporting the “View Product” option to not be appearing entirely.

ps5 artifacting graphical issues

Another odd solution to the problem was “to create a second PSN account set to Turkey to download the digital edition,” which was reported to make the upgrade appear on people’s shops. This is obviously an inconvenient way to get the upgrade. It is likely the problem is the upgrade wasn’t provided to all regions, with regions requiring different versions of the game. It is likely Ubisoft made a small mistake with upgrade accessibility, and the strange workaround requiring a second PSN account in Turkey won’t be required for long.

It is difficult for many people to get a PlayStation 5 in the first place, with many questioning if it will even be available by Christmas. With the long wait and high prices, the last thing a person would want is their game not upgrading to the right console version. Ubisoft’s quick response to provide temporary solutions is great, but a quick fix to the problem would likely be appreciated, as well.

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Source: Eurogamer

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