How Royal’s Relationship Drama Led To Him Attacking Producers

Royal Everett attacked producers on The Family Chantel after an argument between him and his wife, Angenette, spiraled out of control.

Royal Everett was filmed attacking producers on The Family Chantel after an argument between him and his wife, Angenette, went south. Chantel Everett’s older brother has been at odds with Angenette after some shocking claims were made against his Filipino bride.

Things between the newlyweds have been off to a rough start after Angenette arrived in the States on a K-1 visa to marry Royal. The two only met in person during two other trips before tying the knot. Following the nuptials, their relationship was rocked by Angenette having had a miscarriage, which led Royal to believe she slept with another man in the Philippines. “I had a miscarriage,” Angenette told producers. “We went to the hospital, and then we found out that maybe I am two weeks pregnant. And then he doubted it.” She went on to add that, “He said that maybe I hook up another guy in the Philippines before I went here.”

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The trust issues between the couple were more than clear before they arrived in the Philippines for their second wedding. Chantel joined Angenette for a night out at the bar with her friends. While there, Chantel revealed that Royal told her he thinks his wife has talked to other American guys. The news upset Angenette and lead her to question her husband in front of the entire group once he arrived. But Royal denied the claims and said his sister was “imagining it.” The argument only got more heated, and the couple’s personal issues were put on display for everyone to see. Angenette’s miscarriage was brought up, in addition to her putting a tracker on Royal’s phone and learning he had been reaching out to his exes.

Royal and Angenette

After Angenette broke down in tears, Royal exited the bar in frustration. Producers tried to chase him down to ask if he’s okay. But he responded by placing his hand in the camera’s view. “Royal, can you come back to talk?” the producer asked. The TLC star went on to push his sister Winter out of the way so he could confront the producer. His aggressive behavior caught on film is something fans haven’t seen from him before. It’s clear Royal and Angenette’s marriage is in a rocky state ahead of their second wedding.

The drama between the couple is nothing new on The Family Chantel. Chantel and her husband, Pedro Jimeno, have been working to keep their marriage intact despite how much their families hate each other. It seems the drama is around every corner within the Everett household.

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The Family Chantel airs Mondays at 9 pm ET on TLC.

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