How Nev Schulman’s Wife & Children Handled Grueling Training Hours

Earlier in the season, 36-year-old Nev Schulman gave Dancing With the Stars viewers a rundown on his home life during a taped video package.

Ever wonder how Nev Schulman’s wife and children handle his grueling Dancing With the Stars training hours? Well, according to the Catfish: The TV Show host and celebrated documentarian, the ballroom isn’t the only place where he’s perfected the dance.

Earlier in the season, 36-year-old Schulman gave DWTS viewers a rundown on his home life during a taped video package. He spoke about meeting his wife, Laura Perlongo, back in 2015 on Instagram. Schulman posted photos of his motorcycle, which enticed Perlongo into communicating with him via direct messages. That’s right — he slid into her DMs. Soon after, the two began dating. The family’s day-to-day routine consists of Schulman waking up around 5 am and sneaking in some early morning cuddle time with the kids. With his multi-week run on DWTS, Perlongo has likely kept that tradition going, waking up early with their young son and daughter and sneaking in some fun time before getting them dressed and ready for the day.

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Schulman’s head is definitely in the game as far as taking home the Mirrorball Trophy. Still, he has alluded to the type of reunion he wants with Perlongo and their kids once the competition is over. “I’m sure Nev’s very excited to have a moment to reconnect with his family he’s been gone from,” Jenna Johnson told reporters following the semifinals on Monday, November 16. That’s when Schulman chimed in and confided, “I’m excited to start trying for baby No. 3 myself. Now’s the time!”

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Dancing With the Stars teams are made to practice seven days a week. Not only that, but there’s big money in it for the celebrities who participate. Howard Stern once spilled the beans on his show that his wife Beth (a model and activist) was offered a reported $125,000 as a signing bonus for season three. He went on to divulge that the money doubles depending on how far in the competition the celebrity gets. This is why Schulman’s wife and kids need to hold it down for daddy so he can bring home the big bucks. The current pandemic is also contributing to the strain on the Schulman household. Nev has been sequestered in the DWTS bubble for the entirety of the competition, so the onus of household chores, family togetherness, and overall parenting falls solely on Perlongo’s head. However, the MTV host also mentioned that he is close with his own relatives, so some of his extended family could be helping Perlongo while she awaits her husband’s return.

Nev Schulman is an impressive performer. Each week on Dancing With the Stars, he kept getting stronger and stronger. Whether dazzling with his Paso Doble, or melting hearts with a romantic waltz, this star of film and television has a bright future ahead of him should he choose to tackle Broadway or scripted projects. Schulman’s wife proclaimed her devotion to him and their young family while explaining the logistics of their life together. So, fans need not wonder how this family made it work during Nev’s stint on Dancing With the Stars. This is one brood that got by on love and creativity.

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Source: Us Weekly, Good Housekeeping

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