Dale & Clare To Spend Thanksgiving Together Amid Cheating Rumors

Clare Crawley and Dale Moss from The Bachelorette, are putting those cheating rumors to rest as they road trip down to San Diego for Thanksgiving.

Clare Crawley and Dale Moss from The Bachelorette are putting those cheating rumors to bed by letting fans know they are spending Thanksgiving together.

After only two weeks of filming the reality series, Clare realized Dale was the only guy she wanted to pursue. She let him know her feelings and, thankfully, he felt the exact same way. The night after their first one-on-one date, Dale got down on one knee and proposed to Clare. In true Bachelor fashion, the couple had a short, whirlwind romance ending in an engagement.

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Despite recent cheating rumors surrounding their new relationship, The Bachelorette alums have begun their Thanksgiving celebrations by traveling to San Diego to spend the holidays with family. Dale recently posted to his Instagram Story videos of the two taking a road trip from Sacramento to San Diego to spend Thanksgiving with friends and family on both sides. The videos show the couple singing along to the radio, seemingly happy to spend this time together. According to TMZ, Dale flew all the way down from New York City to Sacramento so he and Clare can road trip to the other end of the state. While there are many rumors Clare and Dale have hit a rough patch in the relationship, the couple does not seem bothered by gossip being spread about them.

Dale was recently seen out in New York City hanging out with two models who looked to be getting a little too friendly with the recently-engaged reality star. The 32 year old and the two women were working a Hugo Boss event together, which explains why he was seen with them without Clare. After the event, the trio got drinks, which started the rumor that Dale was seen kissing one of the models. Dale completely denied the claim, revealing that one of the models is married and the other has a serious boyfriend. Clare seemed completely unfazed by the rumors. The 39 year old recently met Dale’s family and spent quality time together in his hometown. The family time is much needed now, as the newly engaged couple plan to split their time between Sacramento and New York City due to their respective jobs. As of right now, there is no trouble in paradise for these two love birds.

Hopefully, fans can put the cheating rumors to rest now that Clare and Dale are spending the holidays together. After all, no one would fly on the other side of the country and take a seven-hour drive with someone who was recently unfaithful.

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Sources: TMZ, Instagram: @dalemoss13

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