5 Ways The Show Brought Us Closure (& 5 It Didn’t)

CW’s fantasy drama Supernatural was one of the longest-running shows on popular television and had its final curtain call only recently, after 15 years of myriad monsters, angels, demons, Lucifer, and God himself.

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The series finale “Carry On” wrapped up the story of the brothers Winchester who had saved the universe literally, more than once. Sam and Dean Winchester’s epic tale of brotherly devotion, duty, and above all, love, ran its course in a final season that seemed a tad hurried. Here are a few ways the show brought closure for fans and a few it just didn’t.

10 Did: Jack Became The New God

Alexander Calvert as Jack in Supernatural

The Nephilim Jack had become something of a protege for the Winchesters over the past few seasons, and despite their tumultuous relationship, Jack was always an ally, a friend, and essentially family.

It always made sense that Jack would eventually take over from God; not only did it seem like poetic justice that God’s own grandson would be his rightful successor but also because he was the only one with powers that could come remotely close to God’s. And the penultimate episode, “Inherit The Earth” did just that, made Jack the new God, a Jack 2.0, new and improved.

9 Didn’t: Cas’s Unceremonious Death

Cas Death Scene Supernatural

Castiel was an instant fan favorite the moment he walked inwearing his trademark trenchcoat way back in season 4. Since then, Castiel stayed a permanent part of Sam and Dean’s lives, appearing on a recurring basis for the most part.

Castiel was so much part of the Winchesters’ lives that he was expected to join them in their last battle against God, fighting as comrades one last time, maybe even getting a few laughs unintentionally with his characteristic inability to catch sarcasm. True he died to save Dean, and the writers even bookended his farewell with the same handprint on Dean’s arms that had appeared years ago in season 4 when Cas had saved Dean from Hell, but somehow he deserved a better death, with more tears and definitely more fanfare.

8 Did: Destiel Might Have Been Real

As iconic as the show itself had been Destiel, the idea that Dean and Castiel might have been a couple, shipped by many over the years.

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And lo, and behold! In his final moments, as Cas bid Dean goodbye, he indicated that Destiel might have been a thing after all! For all those who had clamored that it should be canon, this was indeed a fulfilling moment.

7 Didn’t: Dean’s Reaction To Cas

Cas Death Scene and Dean Reaction

Unfortunately, despite the show’s obvious nod to Destiel, the scene where Cas expressed his love for Dean lost its emotional quotient to some extent due to Dean’s rather unsentimental response to Cas’s profusion and ultimate sacrifice to save his friend’s life.

For someone like Dean who felt things so deeply and experienced profound pain in the loss of those he cared for, his reaction to Castiel’s final speech was a bit of an anti-climax, thus somewhat ruining the moment for fans in general and not offering proper closure to Destiel shippers.

6 Did: Lucifer Made A Surprise Appearance

Lucifer Supernatural

One of the best things about Supernatural had been its range of sassy villains, from Crowley to Lucifer, and Rowena, all of whom had joined forces with the brothers at some point or other.

It was thus a pleasant surprise to find the snarky Devil made a final, surprise appearance in the penultimate episode to give the audience the last glimpse of a beloved character on the show. Lucifer had been dead for a while, but god knows fans loved to see him back, thus getting to say goodbye to him one final time.

5 Didn’t: No Final Apocalyptic Battle

The series had been building up towards a final, apocalyptic showdown–this is no metaphor, the fight was indeed to be between the Winchesters and God himself.

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However, there was no final battle when it came down to the end after all. The brothers did confront Chuck-turned-God but there was no epic encounter or dramatic reproaches from nature–no lightning striking down on the earth, withering all trees in its wake. In fact, there wasn’t any real impact at all, thus bringing no satisfactory closure to the whole storyline involving God.

4 Did: Bobby & His Idjit

Bobby Supernatural

The brothers’ surrogate father and adorably grumpy Bobby Singer died in season 7 when the brothers were locking horns with the Leviathans. Bobby was then brought back briefly as his counterpart from the Apocalypse world, although he was never as integral to the brothers’ lives as the old Bobby had been.

The series finale finally brought closure to fans as they were able to get a glimpse of the original Bobby, chugging down some really bad beer as he hung out with Dean in the new and improved Heaven, in front of the Harvelle’s roadhouse, a throwback to Ellen and Jo Harvelle, two other Winchester allies from way back. There was true closure as Bobby called out to his ‘idjit’, a signature term of endearment he used for the boys, one last time.

3 Didn’t: Dean’s Death

Sam and Dean in "Carry On"

Dean Winchester was the hunter supreme, tough, fearless, and willing to see it through to the end. As one of the central protagonists of the show, Dean was one of the characters that held the show together. He was also one of the reasons the fans stayed with the show for so long.

Dean deserved to die all guns blazin’, a perfect death for a hero who had devoted his life to “saving people, hunting things”. However, even though he went out doing just that, his death came as an anti-climax. After having fought against epic forces like Lucifer, the Darkness, and God himself, Dean finally died accidentally during a regular hunt, killing vampires. Although this might have had an understated poetic justice to it, the ending seemed weak and inglorious.

2 Did: Sam’s Apple Pie Life

Sam In Finale Carry On

Sam Winchester, Dean’s brother, and every bit as much a hero, didn’t get a very glorious ending either, but at least he got the other kind of ending, the one where he got to live an apple pie life.

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Sam had always been the rebel, the one who wanted out, an ordinary life away from the life of hunting. He had been all set for such a life when he got dragged back into hunting again, especially after his girlfriend Jessica died. To see Sam finally getting his heart’s desire after years and years of hitting the road with his brother was fulfilling indeed.

1 Didn’t: There’ll Be Peace

Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester and Jensen Ackles as Dean in Supernatural

“Carry On My Wayward Son, There’ll Be Peace When You Are Done”, the Kansas song that became the show’s anthem, finally came true as the brothers found peace together in heaven, with their faithful ‘baby’, the Impala by their side.

However, although the moment had a sense of peaceful finality to it, the ending seemed hurried. Dean and Sam both died in the same episode, the final one, and Sam went from being a youngish man to an elderly one with an adult son in the space of a single episode. After 15 long seasons, the wrapping up seemed hurried, although not necessarily ill-conceived.

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