Wolverine Just Suffered His Most Humiliating Loss

The contests between Krakoa and Arakko have grown increasingly more bizarre, and none more so than a catwalk competition, which Wolverine loses!

Spoilers for X-Force #14 ahead!

Wolverine has suffered his most humiliating loss yet. In X-Force #14, by writers Benjamin Percy (Wolverine) and Gerry Duggan (Deadpool), artist Joshua Cassara (Wolverine) and colorist Guru-eFX (Deadpool), Wolverine takes part in the competition between the mutants of Krakoa and the denizens of Arakko. Hosted by Saturnyne, the contests have become more and more bizarre, including a catwalk competition—which Wolverine loses!

The contests are a part of the X of Swords crossover event, which has pitted the X-Men against the other dimensional inhabitants of Arakko. The stakes are unbelievably high—not only does the fate of the world hang in the balance, but the Resurrection Protocols, which can resurrect dead mutants, will not work in the other dimension, putting the X-Men at a severe disadvantage. Already X-Men have seemingly fallen, including Captain Britain, AKA Betsy Braddock. But now the contests have begun to take on a bizarre nature. Rather than the slugfests and sword fights fans were expecting, the contests include completing a giant jigsaw puzzle, a dance-off, and a catwalk competition; which Wolverine takes place in, only to lose!

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Wolverine brags he is the best at what he does—except at strutting his stuff on the catwalk, apparently. While the other contestants, including Storm, appear at ease, Wolverine is not. The way he walks, hunched over, shows he clearly is not comfortable with this. His facial expression screams he would rather be anywhere but here. Plus, there’s the issue of what he is wearing: knee-length shorts, sandals and… some straps on his chest. It’s a fashion disaster. Storm clearly has the flair it takes, but Wolverine does not—and this costs Krakoa the competition.

Despite adding another victory to Arakko, the scene is played for laughs. Wolverine is clearly out of his element here and it shows. The question is: why was someone like Wolverine chosen for this particular contest in the first place? Who had a hand in choosing him? Did he volunteer? If so, what was he thinking? Whatever the case, it handed Krakoa another loss at a time when they were already piling up.

While Wolverine being humiliated on the catwalk might be funny, it was still a loss. And if the X-Men lose this contest as a whole, Arakko wins and the whole world loses. There is also the question as to why these contests are so weird. The first part of X of Swords saw the contestants gathering different swords for the competition, so when will they come into play? Are the people of Arakko playing a deeper game than it seems? With only three parts left in the event, fans can expect these answers soon.

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