Rick and Morty Explain Why You Should Get One In Funny Ad

Adult Swim shares a PlayStation 5 advertisement featuring Rick and Morty, who are promoting the console in a rather forced but still funny way.

Rick and Morty are back in a new advertisement, and this time, they are explaining to why players why they should buy themselves a PlayStation 5 with all the funny irreverence the series is known for. While – according to cartoon heroes – the newest Sony console is pretty cool, the latest reports indicate that there are several issues that need to be solved that holiday shoppers should factor into their potential purchases.

As recently shared online, the widely advertised backward compatibility feature of PS4 games on PS5 has a sensible downside to it, which has adverse effects when accounting for the console’s already unimpressive storage space. When players are using their last-gen discs to install games on the current-gen console, PS5 for some reason installs both the upgraded version and the original PS4 client. It is then possible to uninstall the outdated release, but the issue is that PS5 sometimes proceeds to reinstall it anyway in the background.

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Adult Swim has shared a short PS5 ad featuring the genius scientist Rick and his grandson Morty from the acclaimed animated series by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon. While Rick counts the money they were paid for promoting the console, Morty does his best to list the system’s key features as Rick prods him along. Morty further breaks the fourth wall by acknowledging that the ad is pretty boring and pseudo-slapdash, and Rick demands that viewers “go play f—ing PS5.”

Despite the impressive technological advances present in DualSense, the controller suffers from an annoying issue that is being commonly described by PS5 players. According to multiple reports, DualSense is not charging when the console is in sleep mode. The issue appears to affect the charging process when the controller is plugged into one of the front USB ports. Currently, there’s a single working, but inconvenient solution, which simply suggests plugging DualSense in one of the rear ports.

Although the very idea of promoting PlayStation 5 is being obviously mocked by Rick and Morty creators while the satirical icons lack of enthusiasm looks believable and natural, the advertisement nonetheless feels a bit forced. Additionally, it is quite far from the usual level of humor audiences expect from the animated series, which either signals little effort going into the ad or Sony limitations on creative liberties. Nonetheless, it is nice to see the signature Rick and Morty’s tomfoolery on a smaller scale, but it’s entirely likely that the Rick and Morty fandom and gaming communities could be visually represented by a straight line.

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Source: Adult Swim

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