Pauly Shore Wants to Make Encino Man 2 with Brendan Fraser & Sean Astin

Pauly Shore reveals on Instagram that he wants to reunite Brendan Fraser and Sean Astin for a sequel to the 1992 hit comedy Encino Man.

Pauly Shore wants to make a sequel to Encino Man. Directed by Les Mayfield, the 1992 movie was a fish-out-of-water comedy which starred Brendan Fraser, Sean Astin, and Shore. Bolstered by the success that Wayne’s World had enjoyed, and aimed at the same demographic, the comedy focused on two geeky teenagers that make a startling discovery.

Astin and Shore portrayed the teens, known as Dave and Stoney, respectively, that find a caveman (Fraser) in their backyard. Thawed since the first age, the caveman attempts to unlearn his Neanderthal tendencies and pass for a normal foreign exchange student named Link. In the decades since Encino Man debuted in theaters, Shore has occasionally expressed his hope of a sequel happening. Now, the actor has taken the message directly to his fans.

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On his Instagram page, along with an old photo of himself with Astin and Fraser, Shore posed a question to his followers: “How many people want to see Encino Man 2?” His caption read, in part. Shore would go on to ask his followers to contact Disney+ through social media, in an effort to make the sequel happen. You can check out Shore’s post below.

There is certainly a basis for a sequel to the 1990s comedy. Although the movie was panned by critics, Encino Man was a hit at the box office. It earned more than $9 million during its opening weekend, ultimately reaching well above $4o.6 million, against its budget of $7.5 million. There’s also the fact that the first film ended with the promise of a continuation, with Link’s girlfriend being unthawed and the couple reunited. Similarly, the comedy included a tease with Shore’s character promising to return. Given how the resurgence experienced by Hocus Pocus is largely due to fan reaction, Shore isn’t wrong to reach out to his followers. Hocus Pocus, like Encino Man, is a Disney title which draws heavily from nostalgia. There could certainly be a market for it.

Even without the fact that the original gestures at a second installment, the premise lends itself to a reexamination. Considering how much change has changed since the early 1990s, there’s the potential for humor in a story which centered on a rose reversal. Perhaps, shortly after the comedy ended, Dave and Stoney found themselves frozen. They’d wake up to a world of constant connectivity, possibly needing Link to serve as their guide. There’s no telling if a sequel will greenlight a sequel. But, as Disney+ continues to build up its subscription numbers, Encino Man would be a relatively simple project to revisit.

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