Miles Morales’ Wilson “Kingpin” Fisk Cameo Explained

Wilson Fisk, better known as the villain Kingpin, threatens to destroy Spidey’s neighborhood in his menacing Spider-Man: Miles Morales cameo.

Wilson Fisk’s appearance in Spider-Man: Miles Morales came as a big shock to Miles, if not to players. Developer Insomniac is known for filling its Spider-Man games with nods to Marvel Comics. Some cameos are easy to miss, but Wilson Fisk refuses to let Miles ignore him.

Insomniac has filled its franchise with thrilling takes on Spider-Man characters. And while the Tinkerer may be taking the stage as Miles’ antagonist this time around, there are plenty of villainous cameos to watch out for. Insomniac’s spin on the Tinkerer is swiveling heads, but its version of Wilson Fisk – better known as Kingpin – is fairly traditional. Fisk played a major role in Insomniac’s first Marvel’s Spider-Man game. Infamously, Fisk served as the first boss fight of the game in a huge action set piece, which ended up being a sour point in an otherwise well-received game. Since that encounter with Peter Parker’s Spider-Man, Fisk has been running his criminal enterprise from behind bars. So how does he appear in Spider-Man: Miles Morales?

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During the events of Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Fisk is still in prison. Despite this, he has apparently no difficulty in conducting all manner of mayhem in Harlem. After stopping Fisk’s operations in his neighborhood, Miles tries to look for evidence on Fisk’s associate’s computer, only to be blocked by a login screen. Thankfully, Miles’ friend and tech support Ganke guesses that the love-stricken Fisk has set his password to “VANESSA” in honor of his wife (and in flagrant violation of cybersecurity best practices). Once he’s in, Spider-Man is greeted by the unmistakable face of Fisk, who is live-streaming from his prison cell.

Spider-Man: Wilson Fisk’s Ominous Threat Against Miles Morales

Fisk taunts Miles, calling him a “child playing dress-up, pretending to be Spider-Man.” On Ganke’s advice, Miles fires back his own smack talk to keep Fisk on the line while they hack his system. Fisk raises the stakes, asserting that the new Spider-Man’s hope of protecting his loved ones will backfire: “The people you want to protect are the ones who will suffer.” With this ominous threat, Fisk hangs up.

Miles doesn’t have to wait long to learn whether Fisk meant what he said. Soon after the eerie exchange, some of Fisk’s men attack a holiday party at a Harlem park, proving the Kingpin is willing to hurt everyone to get at anyone. In a nearly tragic coincidence that could only happen in a Spider-Man story, Miles’ friend Hailey is nearly killed in the shootout. While Miles is able to save his friend this time, the message is clear: Kingpin is not to be crossed.

Wilson Fisk’s cameo is brief but impactful, capturing his menacing presence and incredible cruelty. This is just one of many appearances from Marvel characters Insomniac has in store for fans in Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

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