Kim Reminisces On Poem From Kanye on Anniversary of His Album

Kim congratulated Kanye on the 10th anniversary of his album. She shared the story of a birthday poem he wrote her and later turned into lyrics.

Kim Kardashian West has shut down divorce rumors yet again. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians‘ star took to Instagram to celebrate the anniversary of Kanye’s album while reminiscing on the poem Kanye wrote for her. There have been rumors speculating that two were planning to divorce for quite some time now.

Kim and Kanye first sparked romance rumors back in 2012 before getting married just two years later in Italy. Since then, Kim and Kanye have grown a family of their own with their four beautiful kids, North, Saint, Chicago and Psalm. The power couple have been known to make headlines, many times controversial. Just this year fans speculated that Kim and Kanye were planning to divorce. The rumors came amid yet another one of Kanye’s absurd Twitter rants. Neither one publicly denied the rumors; however, they both have posted photos on social media leading fans to rethink the rumors.

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Kim just confirmed, yet again, that she and Kanye are in fact not getting divorced. She took to Instagram Sunday night to congratulate Kanye on the 10th anniversary of his “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” album. In the post, Kim explained the story behind Kanye’s song, “Lost in the World.” She reflected on her 30th birthday ten years ago. Kanye had written her a poem as a birthday card that year. When he was struggling to come up with some of the lyrics for his song, he remembered the poem he had written for his future wife. Kanye ended up using the words from the poem he wrote for Kim as lyrics in his song.

Kim Kardashian Kanye West

Kim admitted to saving everything, so needless to say she still has the birthday card. The post included a beautiful black and white photo of the couple, as well as photos of the 10 year old birthday card. The photo showed the card handwritten in gold marker. On one side, Kanye drew a detailed picture of himself and Kim with the title “Me and Kimmy.” He made sure to point out his hand-drawn sunglasses and bow tie as well as Kim’s Berkin bag, Louboutins and “small hands.” Kanye also included a G6 above them and a misspelled yacht below them. On the other side of the card Kanye wrote the poem before signing it, “Love 4ever Yeezy.” The comment section of the post flooded with words of admiration for the romantic story. Kim’s sister Kourtney wrote, “Beautiful,” as did many others. Some fans joked about Kanye’s drawing, pointing out the misspelling of “yacht.”

What a cute love story Kim and Kanye can tell their kids. Despite having his outrageous public rants and rumors of divorce, Kanye does seem to really love Kim. He is known to do the most romantic gestures for her so this poem is really no surprise. The real question is, does the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star do the same in return?

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