GTA Online’s Cayo Perico Heist & New Island Have Players Hyped

Player anticipation is high for Grand Theft Auto Online’s newest heist, Cayo Perico, and Reddit’s stoking the fire with memes and new subreddits.

Rockstar Games is taking Grand Theft Auto Online to private island Cayo Perico for a massive new heist after teasing the content a few days ago, and dedicated players are basking in the glow of the promised content. The hype surrounding the latest update shows that GTA Online‘s popularity is alive and well, and that Rockstar is making up for its previously lackluster support and then some.

While the Grand Theft Auto series is undoubtedly Rockstar’s bread and butter, the studio’s support of the game has been noticeably lackluster in recent years, whether thanks to brand complacency or shifted focus to Grand Theft Auto VI (which still isn’t confirmed, but everyone knows is coming eventually). But Rockstar pulled a 180 in recent months, with the release of several new campaigns and content, including a hefty Halloween event. Two days ago, however, GTA fans got their biggest treat of the year when Rockstar announced Cayo Perico, a major heist taking place on a brand new, remote private island.

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Response to the announcement has been met with excitement and anticipation online, especially on Reddit, with users plastering the GTA Online subreddit frontpage with memes and speculation about what the new explorable island will be like. The promise of new music, new weapons, new vehicles, and (especially) a new armored submarine is only turning up the taps on players’ collective salivation. A new subreddit dedicated solely to the DLC has opened the floodgates for discussion on what players can expect from the DLC when it drops on December 15. In the meantime, the main sub’s memes are keeping players entertained:

Grand Theft Auto Online‘s heists have definitely done the job in satiating players’ hunger for new content, in addition to keeping communities engaged and invested. Last week’s $100 Billion Heist Challenge drew in unprecedented numbers and ended up pulling in ten times as much in-game cash than the original goal. The steady stream of new content is proof positive that Rockstar is reinvested in its fanbase, after many months of speculation that it wasn’t.

So even if the Grand Theft Auto 6 that everyone knows is happening but Rockstar remains frustratingly mum about isn’t coming down the road any time soon, at least Rockstar isn’t leaving its fans with nothing to do for the duration. Besides, a private island getaway is the least Rockstar can do for Grand Theft Auto Online after forgetting its birthday.

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