Fans Discover Rose Vega’s Makeover Secret, Softmaxxing

Rosemarie Vega’s new look has taken social media by storm! While Rose hasn’t done any plastic surgery, this beauty trend could be her secret.

Fans just can’t seem to get enough of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Day’s Rosemarie Vega’s stunning new makeover. Big Ed Brown’s Filipina ex has become an icon for the popular TLC reality show. Rose now flaunts a polished, stylish look that looks nothing like her previous tomboyish self. But unlike her other 90 Day Fiancé co-stars, Rose surprisingly hasn’t opted for any big procedures. In fact, some viewers think a secret beauty routine called “softmaxxing” is what’s making Rose look fantastic!

Big Ed, who flew down to the Philippines to woo his long-distance lover, ended up humiliating Rose from the moment they met. The photographer accused her of scamming him, while also body-shaming her and making fun of her halitosis. But what ended up making Ed the villain of the TLC show is the way single-mother Rose handled the relationship, choosing a break-up over a green card. The 90 Day Fiancé couple gave the show many of its iconic moments and still continue to make headlines, but it’s always Rosemarie who gets all the fan love. Her fresh new look sent Rose’s followers into a frenzy as many tried to decode if she went under the knife, just like Larissa Lima. But those who approved of Rose’s revenge avatar have discovered exactly what Big Ed’s ex-girlfriend has done to look so stunning. Some 90 Day Fiancé fans suggest softmaxxing is the reason behind Rose’s glow-up.

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A recent video of the 90 Day Fiancé star where Rose promotes a new cake shop in Manila on her TikTok shows off her flawless new look. As curious fans analyzed her face for any tell-tale signs of surgery, they only saw a little hair dye, styling, and teeth whitening treatments. Rose, who now has blonde highlights in her dark hair also gave her makeup an update with a dramatically delicious smokey eye. As per a thread on Reddit, this method of “keeping up your appearance using natural and healthy remedies and no invasive surgeries” is known as softmaxxing. According to another thread, it falls under “looksmaxxing” which is a process and “all in one guide” that takes one’s appearance and confidence “to the next level.” Take a look at how Rose used this trend to her advantage in the photo below:

Softmaxxing includes anything that is inexpensive and doesn’t change after “you get ready for bed at the end of the day.” The post explains that it’s preferred by people who do not want to splurge on risky surgical procedures and still want to “make a huge difference” when in public. The poster then lists the things that are included in the routine, such as makeup, fashion, hairstyles, hair dye, accessories, and nails, much like what 90 Day Fiancé’s Rose has indulged in. However, some critics feel Rose “has aged overnight” and that she looks “nothing like herself.”

Still, Rose’s makeover on her own Instagram has pulled in only positive comments from her 90 Day Fiancé fan family. “Rose you are the most beautiful as ever,” reads a top-liked comment, and most others praise Big Ed’s ex-girlfriend Regardless of whether Rose uses plastic surgery to better herself or not, the young single mom is thriving. It surely won’t be surprising if TLC ends up knocking at Rosemarie’s new house’s door to surprise her with a spin-off for the star she has turned out to be!

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Source: Reddit, Reddit, Rosemarie Vega/Instagram

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