Dragon Ball Super Reveals A Forgotten Fighter With The Power Of A God

Dragon Ball Super is starting to get littered with character’s with god-like power, but a former foe shows he had divine power all along

Divine power is going for cheap these days with Goku constantly upping his power levels to stay on par with Gods in Dragon Ball Super. But a fighter from Goku’s past was revealed to have had deific powers all along and could give Goku a real challenge. 

In Dragon Ball Super #66, by Akira Toriyama and Toyotarou, Goku needed a recharge of his chi to kill Moro. Moro decided to merge with planet Earth to contain all his power in a gambit to defeat Goku or take the planet down with him. Goku’s Ultra Instinct form is a serious drain on his chi and he was sapped after fighting Moro for a second time. The fighters of Earth lent their chi to recharge Goku but it wasn’t until a forgotten fighter boosted the Saiyan from Earth with a god-like surge that Goku could beat Moro. 

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Anyone remember Oob from Dragon Ball Z? He was the reincarnation of Majin Boo after Goku killed the pink demon that threatened the cosmos. Boo was the gummy baddie that closed out the Dragon Ball Z series but later came back reborn as a human named Oob. The end of the manga saw Goku fly off with the mohawked Oob to train this one-time world-ending threat, reincarnated into an innocent boy.

The series left off there with Goku abandoning his family (again) to train a fighter on his level. Dragon Ball Super discarded this storyline altogether instead starting off with Goku as a reluctant farmer and then going on to face Beerus and golden Frieza and eventually the escaped Galactic Patrol convict Moro. So Oob’s appearance in the series is a bit of a surprise, but not nearly as surprising as his power level. Goku’s Ultra Instinct form puts him on par with deities like Beerus, and maybe even exceeding that kitty’s god-like power. But Oob’s chi pushing Goku’s power back up implies Oob has just as much divine energy. Even with the whole of the Z Fighters offering up their chi, Goku still couldn’t get up to his Ultra Instinct form. 

Power always challenges power in the Dragon Ball universe and Goku probably won’t be able to resist squaring off against the tiny Oob and the little guy’s immense strength. Oob holds such reserves of chi thanks to his previous life as a rampant absorber of super-strong fighters, namely the Lord of Lords. The Lord of Lords is a sort of demigod that is below Beerus, but above the “lesser” gods like Dende and Grand Kai. The deity hierarchy list in Dragon Ball is confusing but the Lord of Lords was a powerful character. And Oob could probably surpass even Goku, even though the Saiyan always finds a way to smash through limits. The Lord of Lord’s energy was split between Majin Boo and good Boo (not to body shame, but the rotund one) after Boo split himself into good and bad halves. If Oob decides to merge with good Boo, he would be unstoppable. 

Majin Boo’s power level was large enough to envelop the cosmos in a wave of destruction and that was after he split his powers in half. The reincarnated Oob is just as powerful and has the potential to outmatch literal gods. In the common arc of villains-turned-good-guys after a loss to Goku or his family members, Oob seems like a good kid with no evil intent. But his powers are overwhelming. And whatever direction he points that immense potential is likely to face universe-threatening devastation in an upcoming chapter of Dragon Ball Super.

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