Deadpool 3 Updates: Release Date & Story

Deadpool 3 is happening at Marvel Studios with Ryan Reynolds returning to star. Here’s everything we know about the sequel’s release date and more.

Marvel Studios is moving forward with Deadpool 3, and here’s everything we know about the upcoming sequel. 20th Century Fox launched the Deadpool franchise in 2016 after taking a chance on an R-rated superhero movie featuring the Merc with a Mouth. After the abominable take on Deadpool featured in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Ryan Reynolds spearheaded a proper big-screen version of the Marvel anti-hero. Deadpool was a giant critical and financial success, and left no doubt that a franchise would come.

Fox released Deadpool 2 in theaters two years later, and though it wasn’t as highly praised as the original, the sequel was still wildly successful. Fans were treated to an extended cut of the film and a PG-13 version, with the latter coming in the midst of discussions for Disney to acquire Fox, and the rights to Deadpool with it. The Disney-Fox deal ended many ongoing franchises and sparked plenty of discussions about the future for Deadpool. Plans were already starting to form for Deadpool 3 and an X-Force spinoff, but neither was officially announced.

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Deadpool’s future is now becoming more clear with news that Marvel Studios is making Deadpool 3. The movie hasn’t been officially announced at this point, but those involved with the project have confirmed that progress is being made. Some major questions still remain, such as when will Deadpool 3 come out, who will be in, and if it will be set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Here’s everything we know about Deadpool 3.

Deadpool 3 Is Coming, But Doesn’t Have A Release Date Yet

How Disney make Deadpool 3 pg-13 not ruin movie

There is currently no official release date for Deadpool 3, but it is happening. Word of Deadpool 3‘s development recently made news and it marked the first sign of the movie happening since Disney bought Fox. The Deadpool IP is strong and interest in seeing it continue made it impossible for Disney to ignore. Former Disney CEO BOb Iger confirmed that they planned to make more Deadpool movies long ago, while Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige also shared his interest in keeping the franchise going.

Deadpool 3 Has New Writers & A New Director

Deadpool 3 confirms Bobs Burgers writers

Deadpool 3 is happening with almost an entirely new creative team. The first two movies were written by Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese, but they are not returning for Deadpool 3. Instead, Bob’s Burgers writers Wendy Molyneux and Lizzie Molyneux-Logelin have been hired to pen the script. It is unknown if Ryan Reynolds will also work on the script, as he did with Deadpool 2. Reports indicate that David Leitch will not return to direct Deadpool 3, though, so a new director is expected to take over the franchise now.

Deadpool 3’s Cast

deadpool 2

The cast of Deadpool 3 is not confirmed outside of Ryan Reynolds’ return as Wade Wilson/Deadpool. He will be back to play the Merc with a Mouth for a fourth time on the big screen, if we count X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The Deadpool franchise previously introduced several key characters, like Zazie Beetz as Domino and Josh Brolin as Cable. Whether or not they return remains to be seen.

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Deadpool 3: Will It Be In The MCU

Deadpool in the MCU Disney

One of the biggest questions surrounding Deadpool 3 is whether or not it will be connected to the MCU. Deadpool 3 will reportedly maintain the franchise’s R-rating and Marvel Studios has yet to make an R-rated MCU movie. Thanks to the fourth wall breaking tendencies of Deadpool, Deadpool 3 could take place in the shared universe without much of an explanation for the new continuity it takes place in. But, the R-rating could also be a deciding factor and keep the franchise outside of the main MCU timeline.

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