Community: All 6 Different Timelines Explained

Community season 3 featured several different timelines during one of the show’s most memorable episodes. Here’s a breakdown of them all.

Community season 3 featured several different timelines during one of the show’s most memorable episodes. Not only was this the introduction of the “Darkest Timeline” in the series, but five other timeline scenarios were also presented in “Remedial Chaos Theory.” The episode, which was written by Chris McKenna, originally aired in October 2011, and it garnered an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series due to the unique concept.

“Remedial Chaos Theory” followed the study group from Greendale Community College as they gathered for a housewarming party celebrating Troy and Abed’s new apartment. The seven friends decided to order pizza, but when it arrived, Jeff concocted a plan to pick who would be forced to go downstairs. He decided to use a die in order to determine who had to collect the pizza. Abed eerily warned him that doing so would create six different timelines, and that was exactly what happened.

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The episode showcased all the alternate timelines resulting from Jeff rolling the die. Each time a different member of the group left for the pizza, their absence had unique effects on the others. Some events were more significant than others, but Abed’s worry about disastrous timelines would later be justified. Here’s a breakdown of all the timelines featured in Community, including what happened in the canonical timeline.

Rolls A “2” – Annie Got The Pizza

The first scenario was the result of Jeff rolling a 2. He counted two to his left and elected Annie to go get the pizza. After she left, Britta put “Roxanne” on the stereo, but Jeff wouldn’t let her sing the song so she headed for the bathroom. Pierce attempted to give Troy a housewarming gift, but he was too disturbed at the fact that there was a gun in Annie’s purse. While Shirley finished baking her pies in the kitchen, Jeff wanted to avoid everything that was happening. He got up to get a drink and ended up hitting his head on the ceiling fan. Abed then became concerned about the odor coming out of the bathroom, causing him to act strangely just as Annie came back with the food.

Rolls A “4” – Shirley Got The Pizza


The next scenario focused on what would have happened if Jeff rolled a 4, leading to Shirley getting the pizza from the delivery guy. Before she left, she asked her friends to look after her pies in the oven, but Jeff reminded them that they had an agreement to not enable her baking. Once again, Britta put on “Roxanne” and tried to sing along before Jeff stopped her, forcing her to head to the bathroom. In this timeline, Pierce successfully gave Troy the Norwegian troll doll as a housewarming gift. The sight of the figure terrified Troy, which entertained Jeff before he stood up and hit his head. When Shirley came back to the apartment, she realized her pies were burnt so she left in tears since her friends let her down.

Rolls A “3” – Pierce Got The Pizza

Community Troy and Britta

Pierce was chosen to go get the pizza downstairs in the timeline that featured Jeff rolling a 3. Before leaving, he tried to share his story about his romantic encounter with Eartha Kitt. Jeff then stopped Britta from singing along to “Roxanne” so instead, she went to the bathroom to smoke marijuana. Troy joined her after Jeff made fun of him, which was something that Annie made sure to point out. Meanwhile, Troy and Britta share a heart-to-heart talk while hiding out in the bathroom. The group noticed the sweet moment between the two when Pierce came back with the pizza.

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Rolls A “6” – Britta Got The Pizza


The next scenario followed the chain of events after Jeff rolled a 6, causing Britta to head out for the pizza. After she left, Pierce tried to share his Eartha Kitt story. To avoid the story, Shirley went to the kitchen to check on her pies while Jeff also tried to leave the room, but he smacked his head into the ceiling fan. Annie took Jeff to the bathroom to tend to his head injury, which was when he showed concern for her living situation. Just before the two were about to share a kiss, Troy’s screaming at the sight of the Norwegian troll doll made them rush back into the living room. Britta then came back with not just the pizza, but also the delivery guy named Toby whom she was suddenly engaged to.

Rolls A “1” – Troy Got The Pizza

community-darkest timeline troy with pizza

In the timeline in which Jeff rolled a 1, Troy was the one who went to get the pizza downstairs. He hurried out of the apartment, causing the boulder from Abed’s Indiana Jones diorama to fall on the ground. With Shirley in the kitchen and Britta in the bathroom smoking, Annie attempted to help Jeff after he hit his head. She then slipped on the boulder and hit the coffee table, which caused Pierce’s rum to spill all over the floor. When Pierce tried to help her, her purse hit the ground, discharging the gun she had inside. Pierce got shot in the leg before Britta dropped her joint, igniting the rum on the floor. Annie tried to tend to Pierce’s wound, but blood sprayed all over Shirley’s pies.

When Troy came back, the apartment was still on fire, and the Norwegian troll doll stared at him amidst the flames. In the aftermath, Pierce died from his wound, Annie was forced into an institution due to guilt, Shirley turned to alcohol, Jeff lost an arm, and Troy burnt his larynx trying to eat the burning troll doll. This chain of events became known as the “Darkest Timeline,” and the figures in that scenario tried to cross the prime timeline on multiple occasions.

Rolls A “5” – Abed Got The Pizza


When Jeff rolled a 5 with the die, Abed was chosen to get the pizza, but he wouldn’t leave until he got everyone’s money to cover the bill. Britta headed for the bathroom after Jeff stopped her from singing before needing Annie’s help when he hit his head on the ceiling fan. Meanwhile, Pierce regretted giving Troy a gift when he thanked him for giving him a place to live. Troy then got upset when he realized the gift was the Norwegian troll doll.

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Annie and Jeff shared a kiss, but the latter became upset when she compared him to her father. Shirley was also bothered after Britta revealed that the study group actively tried to stop her from baking. When Abed returned, he chowed down on the pizza without noticing everyone’s bad mood.

Prime Timeline – Jeff Got The Pizza

As Jeff tried to roll the die, Abed stopped him after realizing that all possible scenarios would allow Jeff to avoid getting the pizza. The rest of the group elect Jeff to go downstairs and he grumpily agreed before hitting his head when he stood up. Britta then went over to the stereo to put on “Roxanne” and convinced the other to join in with her singing and dancing. Pierce decided not to give Troy the Norwegian troll doll so he threw it in the garbage. When Jeff came back with the pizza, he watched his friends having a good time. The scenario served as the prime timeline of events in Community.

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