Check Out Joe Park’s Amazing Surfing IG Pics

The Bachelorette contestant Joe Park likes to participate in outdoor sports, including surfing. He is looking for a partner with a healthy lifestyle.

In the last few episodes of The Bachelorette season 16, Joe Park finally got the screen time he deserves. Although the previous Bachelorette Clare Crawley and the new lead Tayshia Adams have not been able to build a strong connection with him, he has definitely garnered many fans’ attention because of his amiable personality. 

Joe can be found on Instagram, where he now has over 20K followers. However, it seems like he isn’t really very active on the platform. He took a year-long break before posting a picture with the 39-year-old hairstylist Clare Crawley in early November. A look at Joe’s other IG posts does make it clear that he is an avid surfer. 

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He showcased his love of surfing in a bunch of pictures and videos from his trip to Bali, Indonesia. The Bachelorette contestant captioned one Bali post from his Joe Park Instagram with, “Terima kasih Bali for the amazing waves, people, cheap hourlong massages, and Bintangs! Selamat Tinngal for now.” See the post below:

Apparently, after saving lives in the emergency room, Joe Park from The Bachelorette likes to spend the rest of his time participating in outdoor sports, including surfing and triathlons. The doctor flaunts a quite fit physique, and he also wants his partner to be physically active (and enthusiastic about having a healthy lifestyle). Check out his surfing pictures from his trip to South America’s west coast, Ecuador:

After being voted one of the Top 20 Most Eligible Doctors and Medical Professionals in New York City, he remained single and eventually decided to appear on the show. Now that Joe has become a TV celebrity, he might not have a hard time finding the perfect partner. He is already receiving tons of flirty messages from many The Bachelorette fans on his social media. A female fan jokingly wrote, “I’d pick you joe… but I don’t think my husband would approve!!” Until the right match come salong, he’s traveling solo. Check out a picture from his vacation in Central America’s El Salvador below:

Since the 36-year-old anesthesiologist remains quite busy with his work, he prefers to meet women through dating apps, but he hasn’t had much luck with online dating. He has felt like the ladies on dating platforms are not ready to commit because they are always wondering if there’s someone better out there. Let’s hope that he gets to have his happy ending on The Bachelorette season 16. If not, perhaps he can find his soulmate while traveling. See a shot from his 2018 trip to Montauk, New York, below:

The Bachelorette viewers have become quite fond of Joe’s personality and some are even strongly suggesting that he should be on The Bachelor in 2022. It looks like fans are already convinced that Joe and Tayshia won’t end up together.

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The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays at 8pm EST on ABC.

Source: Joe Park/Instagram

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