Chase Chrisley Criticized for Overpriced Candles

Chase Chrisley of Chrisley Knows Best has debuted his new candle collection, and not everyone is happy with having to pay $35 per candle.

Chase Chrisley of Chrisley Knows Best is feeling the heat from fans who flocked to social media to express their shock over the price of his new candles. Chrisley, who also starred on the Growing Up Chrisley spinoff, is known for dabbling in business alongside his family members on the show. He announced that he would be rolling out the Chase Chrisley Collection earlier this fall.

Last week, Chrisley finally confirmed on Instagram that he had officially started taking preorders for his new collection. Thus far, it seems that candles are the main offering from Chrisley, with three different aromas: Allure, Nightfall, and Mystique. Each candle’s box specifies that it was hand-poured in the USA, and the candles themselves are 7.5 ounces per jar. Some of the scents incorporated include grapefruit, white tea, and fig. While it may all sound dreamy, Chrisley is now under fire for what he’s charging per candle: $35 USD.

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Although many were happy to foot the bill, some fans could be seen voicing their displeasure at the price of Chase Chrisley Collection candles on Instagram. “Sorry I can’t afford the price point [for] your candle at this time but maybe next round,” one fan simply said. “$35 for a single wick… no thank you,” wrote another unhappy shopper, while another wrote, “$35 for A CANDLE?”

Thus far, Chrisley has not directly addressed the controversy on Instagram, and his original collection has “completely” sold out. He told fans to stay tuned for a new drop in the near future, and many fans were quick to ask when that would be. Chrisley has remained mum on exactly when the next restock will occur, but those who have already ordered candles can expect them to start shipping in mid-December.

It’s a little too soon to tell when – or if – the fallout from the collection’s pricing will impact Chrisley and the business. Because customers have yet to get their hands on the candles, there is also no telling whether the products themselves are worth the cost. In any case, one thing is for certain: Chrisley has an ideal, expansive fanbase to market to, whether he wants to sell candles or other housewares. Given the apparent success of the Chase Chrisley Collection thus far, it’s hard to imagine the reality star giving up on his endeavor just yet. Perhaps success is something his fans will be able to aspire to if his business stays afloat, but only time will tell.

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