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There are a wealth of secrets in Zombies for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. This guide shows how to discover all of the game modes easter eggs.

Now that Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has finally arrived players are able to hop into its new and improved Zombies mode. Zombies have been a staple of the Call of Duty series for quite a long time now, and the newest version has added a plethora of new features. Whether playing alone or with a group of friends, playing the zombies mode can be deeply rewarding.

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Every new iteration of Zombies in the Call of Duty games has a list of different secrets and easter eggs for the player to discover during the course of a game, and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is no different. The different secrets spread throughout the Die Maschine map can provide players with new weapons or even further the story of this game mode. This guide shows players how to discover all of the secrets in zombies.

COD: Black Ops Cold War – D.I.E Shockwave Weapon

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Zombie Dance

While most players will want to snag the Ray Gun as soon as they possibly can there are several other weapons in the game that are also quite useful. One pretty big one is the D.I.E Shockwave Wonder Weapon that can only be acquired by completing some secret steps in the game, but it is well worth the trouble involved. The first thing that players will want to do is turn on the power and repair the Pack-A-Punch machine. After doing this a brand new kind of enemy called a Megaton will spawn. This enemy will split in two and both halves must be killed, which causes it to drop a golden key card.

With this key card in hand, players will want to travel to the Weapons Lab area and interact with the computer on the wall opposite of the Mystery Box. This will give the player the D.I.E Remote Control. Players then need to return to the Nacht Der Undertoten building and go to the living area on the ground floor where they can find a cracked wall across from the staircase. Once players interact with this to activate the D.I.E machine, which forces the player to kill thirty zombies to fully power it up. When all thirty zombies are killed the machine will discharge and open the door containing the Wonder Weapon.

COD: Black Ops Cold War – The Aethescope

COD Black Ops Cold War Zombies World Record Bug

This iteration of the zombies game puts players on a much larger map than ever before, which can make exploration a little stressful.  If players manage to build the Aetherscope this will be much simpler for them as they will be able to detect different anomalies in the Dark Aether and make finding things easier. In order to build this device players will need to collect all three of its pieces within the Dark Aether and then construct it. The first piece will be found on top of the crashed plane, the second is under the staircase outside Nacht Der Undertoten, and the last is behind the fast travel point in the Particle Accelerator room. Once players have all three parts they will then just have to go to a crafting bench and assemble the device.

COD: Black Ops Cold War – Wonder Weapon Variants

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Zombies

Once players have the Wonder Weapon in their possession there are also four different variants that can be acquired that deal different types of elemental damage: Ice, Toxic, Lightning, and Fire. Here is how to get all four variants.

Cryo-Emitter (Ice)- To get this weapon players will first need to travel to the penthouse above the Nacht Der Undertoten building. Once here players can go towards the green tarp and find a box to their left. If this box is shot it will drop a flask to the ground below near the Pond that the player will need to go pick up. After this, the player will want to look for a tree covered in Fungus and lure a Megaton enemy close and have it fire it radioactive attack at the tree. The flask can then be placed underneath the fungus to collect the liquid dripping from it. The flask can then be taken to the Medical Bay and used on the chain covered box to acquire the Cry0-Emitter.

Nova-5 (Toxic)- Once again on the top floor of the Nacht Der Undertoten building players will need to enter the Mezzanine room where they can find a gold canister on a table in the backroom, but players will not be able to pick the weapon up by hand. Instead, they will need to use the suction ability of the Wonder Weapon to pick it up. This canister can then be inserted into the machine next to the blueprint in the Weapons Lab. Players will then need to kill the Plaguehound that appears, pick the canister back up, and then head to the Crash Site. In the vicinity of the plane, players will find a small box that they can use the canister on and then they can melee it to open it up. The Nova- 5 is now theirs.

Elecrobolt (Lightning)- To snag this weapon players will need to enter the Dark Aether and search for three separate crystals:

  1. In the Pond area, players will find this crystal next to the Mystery Box.
  2. Players will find another crystal on the roof of Nacht Der Undertoten right above the Stamina-Up device.
  3. The last one will be found back at the Crash Site area right around the Tunnel.

After receiving a crystal players will need to take that crystal to the Particle Accelerator and put it in the box on the first floor. After putting all three crystals here players will receive the Wonder Weapon variant.

Thermophasic (Fire)- The final variant for the weapon can be found inside the Crash Site inside Dark Aether. Here the player will find a box just below the ruined floating plane, and they will need to do a few things in quick succession to obtain the weapon. First players will need to melee the box to open it and pick up a fuse. They will then need to rush to the Weapons Lab as quickly as possible and put the fuse in the plasma cutter here. They then can return to the normal world and go to the Pond where they will find a truck. If they interact with the box in the bed they will receive the last Wonder variant.

COD: Black Ops Cold War – Path To The Secret Boss

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Zombies

The last major easter egg for zombies mode is fairly complicated, but it allows players the chance to face off against the secret boss round of the mode, which is more than worth it. There are three different that players must complete before making it to this fight.

The part of this easter egg is done by acquiring Vogel’s diary and dealing with the Anomalies. Players will need to travel to the Dark Aether and enter the Medical Bay. On top of the computer in this room players will find the diary, which will, in turn, spawn the three blue orb Anomalies that players will need to interact with. The first one is on the lowest floor of the Medical Bay, the second is next to the workbench in the Particle Accelerator room, and the final one will be on the right side of the Control Room. Once this has been done players can return to the computer in Medical Bay and type in the password to reactivate the device.

The second step required that players have access to all the variants of the Wonder Weapon. Players will see four different cylinders handing from the device that was just activated, and they will need to shoot the different cylinders with the variants. Players who do this correctly will see all four cylinders begin to rise into the sky and then they can move onto the next step.

For the third step players will need to return to the Dark Aether and interact with the anomaly on the balcony of the Medical Bay. After this players will be able to return to the normal world and pick up the Dark Aether Wrench inside the Medical Bay. The player will then need to make their way to the Yard where there is a tank that needs to be fixed using the wrench. Once all four areas are fixed, players will then need to throw a grenade at the hatch, which in turn causes the tank to fire a shot at a tree in the Crash Site area. Next to the tree, the Decontamination Agent can be found which should be taken back to the Medical Bay and inserted into the device. A Megaton zombie will then be spawned which the player will need to split in half and lead under the device to have it get sucked up into the Decontamination Agent. Players then need to interact with the computer one last time, which spawns a wave of powerful zombies to defeat. Once this is over they will need to make their way to Nacht Der Untoten and enter the Dark Aether here. From there they can go inside the Omega Outpost and speak to Orlov to trigger the boss fight.

The boss fight is pretty straightforward but incredibly challenging. Players will need to protect Orlov from an onslaught of three waves of powerful zombies as he attempts to shut down the Particle Accelerator. Those who are smart patient will be able to defeat all the monsters, and then they can travel to The Pond in order to interact with the Helicopter here and complete the easter egg.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War can be played on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox Series X, and PlayStation 5.

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