Bugsnax Update Fixes The Game’s Worst Problems On PS5, PS4, & PC

Developer Young Horses has released a new patch for Bugsnax that fixes a few progress-halting scenarios and corrects several visual glitches.

Developer Young Horses has released a new patch for Bugsnax that fixes several game-breaking issues players may have been experiencing on PS5, PS4, and PC. Nothing ruins the calming island vibes of a game like Bugsnax more than technical issues, so it’s great that these problems will be eliminated. The game is part social simulator and part monster-catching extravaganza, as if if someone added a visual novel in between the photo sessions of Pokemon Snap. Add in the kooky body horror of seeing the Muppet-like Grumpuses slowly transform into food golems as players feed them the game’s titular creatures, and Bugsnax is one unique game that software bugs can’t hold back.

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Coming out around the time of the PlayStation 5 launch earlier this month, many gamers and critics counted Bugsnax as one of their first experiences of the new console generation. Critics found a lot to like about Young Horses’ follow up to Octodad: Dadliest Catch, but not for the reasons players might expect going in. Several reviews mention the interpersonal relationships between the villagers on Snaktooth Island as a highlight, even over the game’s selling point of capturing a large number of insect-food hybrids. Said catching mechanics were seen as simplistic, even if it does carry the game through its brief running time.

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Patching to version 1.04, Bugsnax on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC will see several much-needed improvements. As laid out by VG247, players will now be able to bypass several progression-stopping bugs that centered around boss monsters. Previously, if players left a boss arena for any reason, the game would come to a halt that could only be remedied by a reload. Bugsnax will also now load in more quest-relevant creatures in a few areas if they’re not detected around the player already. Rounding out these types of fixes, key items in the world will no longer be able to fall off cliffs if pushed by a stray Bunger.

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Less vital but no less welcome fixes include a few visual issues that previously broke the fantasy of Bugsnax‘s endless bug-snacking. Visual glitches including some unruly eyelids, Beffica’s head transformation, and Ribblepede’s movement along walls are all now fixed. A few curious behaviors from the Grumpus villagers are also altered, so Chandlo no longer jumps in and out of bed for hours and Gramble no longer locks up for the night while standing outside his barn. Finally, a few fixes seem aimed at those players who want to leap around environments trying to break the game, and it’s likely that more similar fixes are still to come.

There’s never been a better time to play Bugsnax thanks to these numerous fixes to the game’s messiest scenarios and visual glitches. For what seems to be such a simplistic game, Young Horses’ sophomore effort includes all the complexity of one of the cities from Fallout: New Vegas. Each Grumpus has their own schedule to uphold, and players have to interrupt that on certain occasions. With all that scripting, boundless bugs are bound to pop up, but it seems like the Young Horses team has its nets ready to catch them.

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Bugsnax is available now on PS5, PS4, and PC.

Source: VG247

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