Best Scenes From The Mandalorian Season 2 (So Far)

Chapter 12 of The Mandalorian was released recently, which means we’re officially halfway through season two of the hit Disney+ show. This season has had Mando on a mission, searching for others of his kind who can help him take the child to others of its kind.

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This quest has led Din and the child to old and new allies and continued side quests, similar to the formula that season one relied on. Something notable about this season is the inclusion of characters fans may remember from other Star Wars movies and shows.

10 Cobb Vanth

In chapter nine, Mando heads to Tatooine to check up on a tip about some Mandalorian armor that was spotted. He hopes to find more of his people, but he instead runs into Cobb Vanth, the Marshall of a small outpost on Tatooine. He wears the recovered armor of Boba Fett in order to defend the outpost from a giant sand dragon that poses a threat to the people he watches over.

He makes a deal with Mando: if he helps him kill the dragon, he will give him the Beskar armor. The two work together throughout the episode, and Vanth is a constant highlight. His rugged cowboy swagger resonated with fans who responded strongly to his charisma and chemistry with Din.

9 Mando Saves Baby Yoda From Bandits

While headed back to the Razor Crest after retrieving the Beskar from Cobb Vanth, Din and the child are attacked by a group of bandits. Din is able to defend himself rather easily, but matters become more complicated when he sees that one of the bandits has a knife which he’s holding to the child’s throat.

Din trades his jet pack for the child’s safety, and the little baby runs right into his dad’s arms. Lucky for Din, he uses a remote control to get his jet pack and send the last bandit running, leaving himself and the child safe.

8 Frog Lady

For a character to make their debut and steal the hearts of viewers already in love with Baby Yoda, they have to be pretty amazing. Enter Frog Lady, perhaps the greatest star of her generation. From the moments she stepped out with her eggs, everyone began to root for her. She’s strangely adorable, and she holds Mando to his promise to get her safely to her husband. She also saves Baby Yoda from a creepy snow spider, so she’s handy with a blaster, as well.

7 The Razor Crest Crashes

Chapter 11 begins with Din, Baby Yoda, and Frog Lady arriving at their destination with the Razor Crest in ruins. The landing mechanisms aren’t working properly, so Din and Frog Lady have to work together to set the Razor Crest down gently.

They barely manage to make the landing, but the ship comically tips over at the last minute, throwing all into the water and causing an onlooker to sigh at the damages. It’s a funny opener to a great episode, something The Mandalorian has shown time and time again that it can do quite well.

6 Frog Lady Reunites With Her Husband

Right after landing, Frog Lady disembarks the Razor Crest and begins to search for her husband. She quickly spots him and the two run towards each other, meeting in an embrace that’s so cute it makes videos of puppies and kittens cuddling look gross. It’s a rare moment of pure happiness in a franchise with a less-than-happy track record when it comes to romance.

5 Bo-Katan Saves Din

While searching for others of his kind, Mando boards a ship with a crew that promises to take him to other Mandalorians, but what they really want is the chance to get their hands on his valuable armor. They throw Baby Yoda into the mouth of a giant sea creature. Mando immediately dives in to save his son, becoming trapped.

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It looks like both he and the child will drown when three Mandalorians arrive on the ship and start fighting off the merchants. One of these Mandalorians is Bo-Katan Kryze, who offers her hand and help save both Din and the child in a scene that mirrors the flashback to Din’s first meeting with a Mandalorian in season one.

4 The Mandalorians Take An Imperial Ship

Din tells Bo-Katan about his mission to find other Force-users to help Baby Yoda. Bo tells him that she can lead him to some, but only if he agrees to help her first on a mission of her own. She’s searching for the Darksaber, which has historically belonged to the leader of the Mandalorians and is currently in the possession of Moff Gideon.

She plans to take back the planet, starting with a shipment of weapons that would be used to fortify the remnants of the Imperial forces. She and her crew, along with Mando, sneak aboard the ship and take it by force, giving a small blow to the Empire and allowing them to fight another day.

3 Bo-Katan Tells Din Where To Find Ahsoka

After Din helps Bo carry out her plans, she gives him the information she’d promised him before he helped her. She tells him where to find Ahsoka Tano, a powerful Force user who should be able to help Din decide how best to help his ward. Fans of The Clone Wars will recall both Bo-Katan and Ahsoka and will also remember how they teamed up during the Siege of Mandalore in the season seen finale.

Chapter 13, which will be released the Friday after Thanksgiving, is titled “The Jedi,” which means there is a good chance that this will be the one where fans get to see a live-action Ahsoka Tano for the first time.

2 Baby Yoda And The Tadpole

When Din heads off with Bo-Katan and her crew to take back weapons from the Empire, he needs a safe place to stash his son. He drops him off with Frog Lady and her husband, who agree to look after the child while Mando does what he needs to.

When he comes back to pick up his son, one of Frog Lady’s eggs have hatched into a small tadpole. She and her husband guide Baby Yoda to interact with their newborn gently, and he becomes so attached to the tadpole he’s hesitant to leave when his dad finally arrives to pick him up.

1 The Child Eats Macarons

Chapter 12 once again has Din going on a mission deemed too dangerous for the child to accompany him on. This time, he drops him off at a school with a bunch of other kids, one of whom is snacking on some blue macarons.

Fans of the show know that Baby Yoda loves to eat, so he, of course, asks for a share in the cookies. When his request is refused, he uses the Force to steal the cookies. He eats the whole sleeve and later pukes them up in the Razor Crest. We’re guessing it was worth it.

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