10 Underrated Series On Starz (That Are Secretly Great), Ranked According To IMDb

Starz has been producing original content for well over a decade. A premium network known for its movies and high-quality television series, it has hosted a broad variety of genres, from comedy to political dramas.

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Their exceptional production value, diversity in the stories that they tell, and their overall quality make it a competitive network when compared to some of the other premium cable channels. Though a lot of attention is given to its most successful shows, like PowerAmerican Gods, and Outlander, Starz is home to many excellent shows that have not received the attention that they deserve.

10 P-Valley (2020 – ) 6.7

p valley poster

Created by Katori Hall, P-Valley is a stunning, neo-noir adaptation of a play written by Hall herself. Spinning the tale of The Pynk strip club in the heart of the Dirty Delta and the dancers who work there, it is an intriguing mix of realism, crime drama, and beautifully choreographed dance.

P-Valley may not be the talk of the town, but it has earned praise from critics and is absolutely worthy of a second season.

9 Survivor’s Remorse (2014 – 2017) 7.0

cast of survivors remorse

A sports dramedy produced by LeBron James, Survivor’s Remorse explores the life of an up and coming basketball player. Recently signed to a multimillion-dollar contract, Cam Calloway struggles with his forays into fame, his desire to take care of his loved ones, and knowing when to say no.

Despite being well-received, it was considered to be too niche for a series topic and ran for four seasons before its abrupt cancellation.

8 The Girlfriend Experience (2016 – ) 7.1

the gf experience poster

Based on the Steven Soderbergh film, The Girlfriend Experience is an anthology drama that takes audiences into the lives of successful women who turn to sex work, in order to pay the bills, offering “the girlfriend experience” to their clients.

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Thought-provoking and cinematically impressive, it has received positive reviews from critics, but has seemingly taken a break. The first two seasons premiered in 2016 and 2017, but season 3 is yet to be released.

7 Vida (2018 – 2020) 7.2

vida hug

Two estranged Mexican-American sisters who consider themselves anything but alike, find themselves together again in their old neighborhood after the death of their mother.

Vida beautifully explores culture, family relationships, and mending bonds, but it also digs into the topics of sexual identity, discrimination, and gentrification in Los Angeles. The 30-minute dramedy was canceled after three seasons.

6 Blunt Talk (2015 – 2016) 7.4

patrick stewart blunt talk

British newscaster, Walter Blunt, is determined to take on the world of American news in this kooky comedy starring Patrick Stewart and produced by Seth McFarlane.

Though it had a star-powered creative team behind it and Stewart is an underrated master of charm and comedic timing, Blunt Talk struggled to find a steady viewership. It ran for only two seasons before Starz decided it was time to pull the plug.

5 Magic City (2012 – 2014) 7.6

jeffrey dean morgan steven strait magic city starz

One of the flashiest resorts in Miami, the Miramar Playa Hotel is a temporary home to the rich and the famous and anyone else who can afford it. Ike Evans gave up everything for his dream of opening the Miramar, including selling his soul to the Miami mobsters that run the city.

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A period drama series set in the 1950s, Magic City had sex, crime, a brilliant cast, and a great team of writers. Unfortunately, it was canceled for budget reasons after only two seasons.

4 Boss (2011 – 2012) 8.1

kelsey grammar boss starz

A political drama starring Kelsey Grammar, Boss delves into the life of Tom Kane, a Chicago mayor that has recently been diagnosed with dementia. Determined to hide his illness and continue his work, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep a secret.

Though an intriguing premise not often explored in shows revolving around politics, it was a slow burn and simply didn’t have the ratings. It was canceled after two seasons.

3 Counterpart (2018 – 2019) 8.1

jk simmons counterpart

Most things that J.K. Simmons lends his name to are better, simply due to his involvement. The Academy Award-winning actor is an incredible talent, and his work in Counterpart is no different. In this science-fiction drama, Simmons stars as Howard Silk, a UN employee that discovers a portal to another dimension that includes an alternate version of himself.

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According to Deadline, Starz COO claimed that the cancellation was due to it not appealing enough to a female audience.

2 Party Down (2009 – 2010) 8.2

cast of party down

Widely loved by critics, this quirky, workplace-comedy series had a killer cast and a reverse-Barry-like premise of starving actors who worked as caterers in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, Party Down was a sitcom early for its time, and it had everything except the Nielsen ratings.

With Adam Scott and Jane Lynch leaving the show for Parks and Recreation and Glee, Starz made the decision to cancel the show after two seasons.

1 Spartacus: Gods Of The Arena (2011) 8.5

spartacus gods of the arena gladiators

Gods Of The Arena is a prequel mini-series created after Spartacus star, Andy Whitfield, was diagnosed with cancer and would no longer be able to film. Unplanned, set in a different time period, and without Whitfield, fans were reasonably skeptical of its potential success.

Still, the cast and crew pulled through, creating an intense, entertaining, and well-written series that explained the history of the fan-favorite characters featured in the original series.

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