10 Memes From The Office That Make Us Cry-Laugh

Whether it’s commenting on 2020 or any number of other relatable things about being human, these hilarious memes from The Office get it so right.

One of the greatest sitcoms of the 21st century, The Office has rightfully earned a memorable place in TV history. It started as a humble adaptation of the British sitcom by the same name and grew into an incredibly funny comedy.

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The Office was able to charm audiences worldwide because of its simple premise and awkward humor. As one of the most relatable millennial comedy, it has lead to the creation of numerous memes. The latest ones are proof The Office never gets old.

10 Solving Math Problems

The Office Michael Scott meme

Here’s a meme for teachers who don’t let students adopt new ways to work with mathematical problems. In the two-part episode “Dunder Mifflin Infinity,” Michael Scott brings in Robert Dunder, the co-founder of Dunder Mifflin Paper Company to address his employees on ageism.

It’s pertinent to mention nobody at Dunder Mifflin is involved in perpetuating age-based discrimination. It’s just that Michael, being an older staff member, feels there’s no need to embrace digital technology and somehow makes it about ageism. At the end of the seminar, Michael wrongly concludes that an old employee can’t be taught new tricks because it’s illegal.

9 Unfulfilled Plans

The Office Pam Jim Roy

This meme speaks to probably everyone who made grand plans for 2020 while being blissfully unaware of how the year was going to turn out. At the beginning of The Office, Jim was desperately in love with Pam Beesly, while she was engaged to warehouse employee Roy Anderson for three years with no wedding date in sight.

Though Jim and Pam were great friends and had great chemistry, Pam shot him down at the end of “Casino Night.” It wasn’t until the two-part episode, “The Job,” that she finally agreed to go out with him. Roy got in the middle of Jim and Pam’s love story, just as this year wrecked everyone’s plans.

8 2020

The Office pizza by Alfredo meme

Here’s another accurate meme to describe the world in 2020! In the two-part episode, “Launch Party,” Michael Scott placed an order for eight large pizzas with a local restaurant named, Pizza By Alfredo.

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A devoted fan would know that Pizza By Alfredo is not the same as Alfredo’s Pizza Cafe. There’s a very big difference between these two pizzerias in the quality of ingredients they use and the overall taste of their pizzas. Kevin described the former’s pizza as “eating a hot circle of garbage.”

7 What Not To Say In A Job Interview

The Offfice Michael Scott

This meme is an ode to all those people who were asked interview questions they couldn’t work through and ended up rambling-on in response. Steve Carell’s Michael Scott played the regional manager of Dunder Mifflin, Scranton branch. He was oblivious to the demands of a professional work environment and unaware of how his co-workers perceived him.

Michael also admitted to having started sentences without knowing where they went. He called such conversations as ‘improversations.’ In “The Duel,” Michael went off-topic when David Wallace asked him how his branch was reporting strong sales statistics, while other branches were struggling.

6 Welcome To The Hotel Hell

The Office Dwight meme

Dwight Schrute perfectly sums up the current state of the world through some bittersweet humor. He said these words to his co-worker, Jim Halpert in the two-part episode, “The Job.”

Confident that he would be hired for the corporate job in New York City, Michael names Dwight his successor. Meanwhile, the latter’s greatest wish as a boss is to overwork his employee and frenemy, Jim. Dwight’s plans for Jim are quite like 2020. The year has entangled humanity in a number of issues, without an immediate end in sight.

5 Kevin Knows

The Office Kevin Malone

Here’s a relatable lazy meme for those who love to be outspoken about their laziness.

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Kevin Malone from The Office is a true inspiration for his fans. His nickname in high-school used to be the ‘Kool-Aid Man,’ after all! Kevin had his priorities set straight – he was unabashedly food motivated and he loved his rest and sleep.

4 Chili’s And Pam

The Office Pam Beesly Chili's

The meme combines a classic children’s rhyming poem and Pam’s winning speech from “The Dundies” and turns them into a joke of hilarious proportion.

Anyone who loves The Office knows how happy Pam was to win the Dundie for having the whitest sneakers. Her inebriated state made the whole situation even goofier. Pam concluded her acceptance speech by saying she felt God in Chili’s restaurant that night.

3 The Jim Look

The Office The Jim Look

This particular meme speaks to all those people who have been dumbfounded upon encountering hard questions on a test paper.

Jim’s to-camera look, also known as the “Jim Look,” is the biggest takeaway from his character. Throughout the course of the series, he breaks the fourth wall every time he had an uneasy feeling or something bizarre was about to happen. Jim’s camera stares can convey a wide variety of emotions without having to utter a single word.

2 The Day That Goes By Without Watching The Office

The Office Dunder Mifflin Infinity Ryan Howard

Ryan Howard used these words in the two-part episode “Dunder Mifflin Infinity” to describe a wasted day at work. This meme encapsulates the feelings of people who are addicted to watching The Office over and over again.

In the episode, Ryan returned to the Scranton branch to brief employees about the company-wide technological changes.  At the end of the day, he miserably failed to convince a skeptical Michael Scott to adopt new technology for the business.

1 Kevin’s Chili

The Office Kevin drops his Chilli

The famous chili meme is from the episode “Casual Friday” and is almost always used to signify things that are falling apart and/or difficult to handle. At least once a year, Kevin Malone likes to bring in some of his famous chili to the office.

It’s his traditional family recipe and he stays up all night preparing it. Unfortunately, in the said episode, Kevin struggles to hold the giant pot and drops it all over the carpet. This meme compares the famous chili drop to handling difficult life situations and it’s something every fan can relate to.

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