Where To Find The Dead Exo Locations in Destiny 2: Beyond Light

In Destiny 2: Beyond Light, players can unlock The Lament Exotic Sword. Part of the quest to earn it requires players to find dead Exos around Europa.

Since the massive Forsaken expansion to Destiny 2, players can keep track of their progress and show it to others through a system called Triumphs. Completing Triumphs will earn players Titles that will appear publicly below their Gamertag. In the new expansion, Destiny 2: Beyond Light, players can complete a new Triumph Seal over several weeks to earn the Splintered Title. This new set of achievements includes a Triumph called Salvage the Past, which asks players to go after a set of dead Exos.

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Until the Season of the Hunt event goes live, players will not be able to interact with these, but they will need to find them as part of The Lament quest. Completing this quest will reward players with The Lament Exotic Sword, so it is more than worth making note of the location of these dead robots. Currently, eight dead Exos have been located, with the ninth rumored not to appear until an area called Creation opens. It’s also important to note that there are many other dead Exos in the game, often in larger groups. The ones needed to fulfill the Triumph are separate, all found individually rather than among a group. This guide will be updated in the coming weeks as more information becomes available. For now, here’s where to go to find the first nine.

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Where To Find The Dead Exos in Destiny 2: Beyond Light

The Lament Exotic Sword in Destiny 2: Beyond Light

Players will need to explore Europa to find all nine dead Exos. They may have even already come across a few of these in their travels around the moon’s landscape. Right now, there is no way to interact with them, but this should change once the exotic quest goes live. Players can find the dead Exos in the following locations:

Dead Exo 1 – Cadmus Ridge

  • Dead Exo 1 is found on a snowbank in the middle of the ridge. Players will need to be facing the giant Vex construct with the path to Variks on their right.

Dead Exo 2 – Perdition Lost Sector

  • Dead Exo 2 is found inside the boss room in the Perdition Lost Sector. After defeating the boss, players will find this Exo on the ground and to the left.

Dead Exo 3 – Asterion Abyss

  • Dead Exo 3 is found to the right of the entry tunnel to the Nexus. Players will find it buried in the snow on the right outer edge of the Vex construct.

A player finds a Dead Exo in Asterion Abyss in Destiny 2: Beyond Light

Dead Exo 4 – Concealed Void Lost Sector

  • Dead Exo 4 is found inside the cache room. Players will need to kill the boss to remove the barrier. The Exo is located on a platform to the right of the cache.

Dead Exo 5 – Eternity

  • Dead Exo 5 is found on the platforms in Eternity during the Technocrat Empire Hunt. Players can redo the hunt by purchasing it from Variks if they have already completed it. As they jump between platforms, where they would turn right and crawl down the hole, they should instead jump onto the next highest platform in front of them to find the Exo.

Dead Exo 6 – Bunker E15 Lost Sector

  • Dead Exo 6 is found in the first large room of the Lost Sector. After eliminating the horde of enemies there, players will find the Exo under some stairs.

A player finds a Dead Exo in a Lost Sector in Destiny 2: Beyond Light

Dead Exo 7 – Eventide Ruins

  • Dead Exo 7 is found near the Public Event area inside a large room. Players should go to the north of the Ruins near the route to Rii-Reborn Approach and find the two void shield Fallen Captains. If players head to the back of the room, they will find the Exo next to a large pillar and some machinery.

Dead Exo 8 – Well of Infinitude

  • Dead Exo 8 is found in the southernmost chamber of the well with the lethal Vex milk pit below it. Players will need to travel deep into the Well and enter this third chamber. Just before the rounded tunnel with the icicles, they should take a hard left and get onto the raised platform to find the Exo. It is hidden fairly deeply in the back corner.

Dead Exo 9 – Creation

  • Dead Exo 9 is found in a currently inaccessible part of Bray Exoscience. Players will need to wait until the quest for The Lament Exotic Sword becomes available.

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Destiny 2 is available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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