The Scorpion’s Name Just Took on a Whole New Meaning

The Scorpion is a fearsome foe of both Spider-Man and Venom, and now he has revealed his true colors, and given his name a whole new meaning!

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Venom # 30

The Scorpion’s name took on a whole new layer of meaning in this month’s issue of Venom. In issue #30, by writer Donny Cates (Thor), artist Luke Ross (Star Wars) and colorist Jesus Aburtov (Maestro), The Scorpion, AKA Mac Gargan, shows his true colors and in doing so gives his name a whole new level of significance.

Mac Gargan has been one of the many people to host a symbiote. After getting a taste of its powers, he would do anything to get it again. To that end he obtained a battle suit and attacked Eddie Brock, Venom’s current host. During the course of battle, the suit malfunctioned and sent Mac, Eddie and Eddie’s son Dylan to an alternate Earth; on that Earth Dylan had turned into a horrifying symbiote-based villain named Codex who has conquered the planet. Codex forced Gargan to bond with a symbiote before Eddie, Dylan and a team of underground fighters free Gargan and force him to take them to Codex.

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The team crashes Codex’s headquarters, and just as Eddie is about to make his move, Gargan attacks them, now wearing a new battle suit. Eddie and his team are stunned by this betrayal, and when they ask why, Gargan replies “yeah well, scorpion and the frog.”

While this may seem on the surface a call out to his villainous alter-ego, it is in fact a reference to a fable. In the story, a frog and a scorpion are trying to cross a raging river at the same time. The frog offers the scorpion a ride on his back, on the grounds scorpion doesn’t sting him. The two get halfway across the river and the scorpion stings the frog; when the frogs asks why the scorpion did it, he tells the frog it was in his nature to sting, and he was merely doing what came naturally.

The analogy fits this situation perfectly. Scorpion lived up to his namesake by betraying Eddie, Dylan and company, even though it was not in his best interest to do so. Gargan was simply doing what a scorpion does: it stings. Fortunately, Gargan’s rampage never got off the ground and Eddie was able to stop Codex and restore the people of that Earth. But if The Scorpion had his way, none of that would have happened, and that Earth would have continued on under Codex’s oppressive regime. By following his nature, he could have condemned countless numbers to a horrifying fate.

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