The Reboot’s 10 Best Episodes, Ranked (According To IMDb)

The Magnum P.I. reboot premiered in 2018, and the third season is set to premiere in the near future. Magnum and Higgins, compared to the original show, Higgins is now gender-bent, and the two often bicker, leading to some extra romantic tension on more than one occasion.

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Magnum is laidback as always, solving cases, usually with the help of his two best friends, Rick and T.C., and Higgins. The reboot has provided some twists and turns that are separate from the original, making for some memorable episodes along the way.

10 “Honor Among Thieves” (8.0)

Magnum, Higgins and Jin around a computer in Magnum PI

Magnum and Higgins are approached by a pickpocket thief named Jin, who stole a phone with a message warning the phone’s owner that people were coming and to get to safety.

This sends Magnum and Higgins to the phone’s owner, a woman, whom they help out of trouble, and then investigate the criminals after the woman’s husband. Jin tags along for the ride, hoping to redeem himself. Meanwhile, Rick takes the daring plunge of buying a business.

9 “The Ties That Bind” (8.0)

Magnum with a teenage girl in Magnum PI

Magnum’s on the case when he’s hired by the parents of a teenaged girl that escaped her kidnappers to find the people responsible. The traumatized girl has trouble remembering any details, so Higgins spends some time with her, hoping to help the girl recover her memories. Magnum is especially driven, as he can relate to the girl based on his experience as a POW.

However, things are not what they seem, especially when the girl’s mother is kidnapped and her father is forced to help the kidnappers get what they wanted all along.

8 “The Day It All Came Together” (8.1)

Helicopter chases and long-awaited explanations are just some of the things that await Magnum in the Season 1 finale. Hannah (Jordana Brewster), Magnum’s former fiancée, once again enters Magnum’s life and turns it upside down when she asks for his help.

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Magnum finds her wounded and discovers she is the one responsible for his client’s murder, but everything she’s done, even betraying him and his friends, has been to find her father. Magnum risks everything to help her, regardless of the consequences.

7 “Murder Is Never Quiet” (8.2)

Magnum on the floor, on his phone, in Magnum PI

Magnum’s in a race against the clock when he’s hired by a mother wanting to prove her son’s innocence. The thing is, Magnum only has 24 hours to prove that her son wasn’t responsible for the death of his girlfriend, or else her son will be forced to accept a plea deal.

Meanwhile, Rick and TC try to help a fellow veteran by retrieving stolen appliances that were originally donated to him.

6 “A Kiss Before Dying” (8.2)

Katsumoto, Higgins and Magnum in the woods in Magnum PI

Magnum and Higgins are in the midst of their usual bickering, with Magnum offering to act as a pet detective to track down Higgins’s missing dogs when the dogs themselves suddenly appear.

However, they have a human bone in tow, disturbing Magnum and Higgins. As they investigate, they find more bones and end up helping their friend Gordon Katsumoto investigate the murder of his former mentor.

5 “Black Is The Widow” (8.2)

Magnum and Higgins outside talking in Magnum PI

Magnum is hired by the daughter of a wealthy man to investigate his murder. The case takes all kinds of twists and turns, in which Magnum even wonders if perhaps the daughter is responsible, considering her father intended to give all his money to charity and cut her out of his will.

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During the investigation, Magnum goes on the same dating app the victim did, posing as a doctor and hoping to find the killer, but ironically finds a significant other for himself in the process.

4 “The Man In The Secret Room” (8.2)

Katsumoto with Magnum and Higgins in the woods in Magnum PI

While acting as a hotel detective for a friend, Magnum has more to deal with than irate guests. When a woman he’d previously been talking to turns up dead and isn’t who she said she was, Magnum’s on a killer’s trail.

It leads him to a secret room at the hotel, where he finds that another murder likely took place. While a deadly case, it also distracts Magnum from his broken heart after his girlfriend has left the island, and Magnum, behind.

3 “Dead Inside” (8.2)

Higgins, Magnum, T.C. and Rick with Aaron Donald on a field in Magnum PI

Higgins and Magnum have their hands full in this Season 2 episode. While friction still exists between Katsumoto and Magnum as the latter betrayed the former’s trust, Katsumoto still comes to the private investigator duo to help him prove that a fellow cop is dirty. Katsumoto emphasizes discretion in the case but isn’t happy when things come to light anyway.

Meanwhile, Magnum is hired to track down the lost tablet containing the playbook of the Los Angeles Rams that belonged to football player Aaron Donald, but the case leads to an unlikely suspect in the form of a child.

2 “Day The Past Came Back” (8.3)

Magnum trapped in a cell with a sliver of light coming in, Magnum PI

Magnum’s past comes back to haunt him in a big way in this Season 1 episode. Not only is he kidnapped and forced to search for stolen gold, but he finds out that the person behind everything is none other than his former fiancée, Hannah.

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Hannah was responsible for Magnum’s, Rick’s, and TC’s imprisonment in a POW camp, and Magnum isn’t exactly thrilled at the idea of her reappearance in his life.

1 “Knight Lasts Forever” (8.4)

Magnum and Higgins on the floor in Magnum PI

Kumu is convinced that a dead owl on the beach is a bad sign, and fears that as a result, terrible things will happen, so she urges Higgins to persuade their incoming guests to stay elsewhere. Higgins dismisses Kumu’s superstitious fears as ridiculous, but she comes to regret not listening to her friend when the two are in terrible danger once their guests take over Robin’s Nest by force. They torture Higgins, demanding to know the identity of “The White Knight.”

Luckily, Thomas returns, though he was supposed to be away for the weekend, and between himself, Higgins and Kumu, they manage to take back the estate, stop the bad guys, and keep the identity of “The White Knight” a secret.

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