The 10 Worst Things Jacob Black Did, Ranked

Jacob Black was one of Bella’s love interests in the Twilight series. But even though he was a main character, he did some bad things.

Before all of the Twilight books were released, one of the big questions was whether Bella would end up with Jacob or Edward. There were many avid shippers on both sides of this debate, but, in the end, Bella ended up with Edward.

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This might have been for the best, however, when taking into account all of the worst things that Jacob did. Most of his worst moments in the book were things he did to Bella.

10 His irrational hatred of the Cullens

While it’s true that Jacob has some reasons to despise the Cullens, he took things too far. The shapeshifters were created to protect people from vampires, so there is a supernatural hatred happening here.

Plus, he also hates Edward because of Bella. But, the truth is that the Cullens didn’t harm humans, and they also treated Jacob well. He, however, was nasty in return to them in a way that wasn’t fair.

9 Lashes out at Bella’s wedding reception

When Jacob shows up at the wedding reception, it goes all right at first. Bella is happy that he made an appearance, and he seems to have finally come to some terms with the fact that she chose Edward.

However, he freaks out once he learns that Bella and Edward plan to sleep together. It truthfully was none of his business, and Edward wasn’t any more likely to hurt Bella than Jacob was. In fact, he was usually more careful around her than Jacob whose angry emotions often got the better of him.

8 He threatens war to manipulate Bella

Jacob makes it abundantly clear that if Bella is turned into a vampire that he the shapeshifters will start a war with the Cullens. He uses this fact to manipulate Bella, and it’s pretty messed up since it’s Bella who is making the choice.

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He doesn’t respect her choice, and he also conveniently ignores the fact that if she isn’t turned, Volturi will come after her and the Cullens.

7 Made it sound to Edward like Bella had died

One of the most frustrating Jacob moments from the series is when he answers the phone when Bella calls. He knows what he’s doing when he is very vague about whose funeral everyone is attending.

He was being a jerk, and it wasn’t okay for him to do this. He had no right to answer the phone, and he shouldn’t have talked to Edward at all.

6 Was jealous and possessive over Bella

Both Edward and Jacob have moments of being too controlling and possessive over Bella, so it’s not like Edward’s issues should be ignored.

However, Edward did try to ensure that Bella could make her own life choices, and he was willing to let her choose Jacob if that’s what she really wanted. Jacob wasn’t as compassionate about this. He acted angry, jealous, and possessive over and over.

5 Threatens to kill himself to get sympathy from Bella

Threatening to end your life to get someone to stay in a relationship with you is a sign of emotional abuse, but this didn’t stop Jacob from doing it. He says he hopes he dies in battle after learning that Edward and Bella are engaged.

Bella then feels like she has to do anything to keep him alive, so she has him kiss her. It was very manipulative of him and really immature.

4 Purposefully thought inappropriate thoughts about Bella so Edward could hear

Jacob doesn’t have a good track record when it comes to respecting Bella and her bodily autonomy. While it’s not like he would have been horrible for having fantasies about someone he was attracted to, it wasn’t okay to purposefully think sexual thoughts about Bella si Edward can hear and see them.

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For one thing, Bella was literally nearly freezing to death which is why Jacob was warming her up. It wasn’t a sensual moment, so it was very disrespectful to Bella to treat it like that. It was also cruel and crass to force these fantasies onto Edward.

3 Imprinted on Renesmee

Imprinting is by far one of the strangest things that exists in the Twilight series, and this is really saying a lot. Imprinting is messed up enough when it happens with adults, but it went way too far when Jacob imprinted on a child.

While the explanation is that it’s not a romantic thing at first and that Jacob can’t control it, the implications are really disturbing.

2 Planned to kill Renesmee as an infant

The only reason this isn’t the first item on this list is that Jacob didn’t actually go through with it. Because he imprinted on Renesmee immediately, he didn’t want to hurt her anymore.

However, if that hadn’t happened, he fully planned on killing her. While his reasoning was that she could potentially harm humans, murdering a newborn without knowing for sure if she is dangerous is disgusting.

1 Assaulted Bella

Many fans have recently pointed out how disturbing it was when Jacob kissed Bella without her consent. This scene happens in Eclipse, and it’s a lot worse than many fans remembered from when they read the books the first time. Bella tells Jacob no right away, but he then kisses her anyway.

She starts to push him away and get him to stop, but he continues to kiss her harder and more aggressively as she fights back. It’s absolutely assault, and it’s upsetting that Jacob was still presented as a good guy after this.

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