Recasting The Sound Of Music (If It Were Made Today)

The Sound Of Music an iconic musicals and is a movie that never loses its charm. Here is what a modern recasting would look like.

The Sound Of Music, one of the most iconic musicals of all time, is one of those evergreen movies that never lose their charm. Generations of young men and women have grown up watching this movie and being enchanted by the delightful music performed by the ever-energetic Von Trapp family.

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How would it be if this movie was to be remade today with an entirely new cast? The new generation of young actors is extraordinarily talented, with some of them already having bagged Oscar nominations. So it would be intriguing to see how they handle a remake of this legendary musical, led, of course, by more experienced actors.

10 Gretl: Fifi Hart

Fifi Hart as Gretl

Remember the cute little child who played young Sybbie in Downton Abbey?

Sybbie was the daughter of Lady Sybil and Tom Branson in this hit British historical drama who was brought up by her father after her mother died tragically in childbirth. Young Fifi Hart played little Sybbie and although she would be a little bit older by now, she would be the perfect choice to play the adorable little Gretl.

9 Marta: Raegan Revord

Revord as Marta

Fans of The Big Bang Theory spin-off, Young Sheldon have been watching young Raegan Revord cook up quite the storm with her confident portrayal of Missy Cooper, Sheldon Cooper’s little twin sister who is forever locking horns with her brother.

Revord has a promising future ahead of her and would fit in quite nicely as Marta, the second last sister of the Von Trapp brood.

8 Brigitta: Millie Bobby Brown

Brown as Brigitta

The spirited young Millie Bobby Brown has made quite a name for herself in recent years, having appeared in pivotal roles in the hit Netflix series Stranger Things and then as the sprightly Enola Holmes in the 2020 adaptation of the adventures of Sherlock Holmes’ sister.

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The young actress would breathe life into the role of Brigitta, the third last sister who was played by actress Angela Cartwright in the original. If anything, Brown would draw a lot of attention to her character through her natural magnetism.

7 Kurt: Roman Griffin Davis

Davis as Kurt

Captain Von Trapp had only two sons and the younger of those two was Kurt, who, according to Maria, craved his attention.

Kurt can be played brilliantly by the amazing young actor Roman Griffin Davis who won hearts with his remarkable work in Jojo Rabbit as Jojo, the young child growing up in Nazi Germany whose illusions were shattered one by one through a triumphant journey of trauma, tragedy, and self-discovery.

6 Louisa: Sophia Lillis

Lillis as Louisa

Sophia Lillis has been quite a sensation as the vibrant, iconic teen detective Nancy Drew. She played the lead role in the 2019 mystery movie based on the stories by Carolyn Keene.

Sophia, like Millie Bobby Brown, is a force of nature and would be ideal as one of the two older sisters who thinks she is old enough but is really still quite childish.

5 Friedrich: Dylan Minette

Minette as Friedrich

The brooding young Dylan Minette has left a trail of broken hearts with his role as Clay Jensen in the critically acclaimed Netflix thriller 13 Reasons Why.

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Minette is already a seasoned actor at his young age having performed in recurring roles throughout his childhood. He would be perfect as the oldest Von Trapp son and might build more into his character than what the movie originally had, for in it, the emotional focus was more on the adults than the kids.

4 Liesl: Saoirse Ronan

Ronan as Leisl

Saoirse Ronan of Lady Bird and Little Women fame would be enthralling in any role she chooses to be in. She is one of the few youngest actresses to have had multiple Oscar nominations for what is already a remarkable body of work.

Ronan would make a stunning Liesl, beautiful and vulnerable, and on the cusp of adulthood. One can only imagine her floating around to the tunes of “I Am Sixteen, Going On Seventeen”, but unlike the original Liesl, this one might be a bit more enterprising.

3 Baroness: Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman as Baroness

Nicole Kidman is a phenomenal actress and extremely versatile as well. She also has a regal aura about her that would make her the perfect baroness, the woman Captain Von Trapp was on the verge of marrying before he fell hard for Maria.

The baroness wasn’t a villain per se, after all, she was justified in feeling a little miffed at being so sharply cast aside, and Kidman would manage to essay the role with a few interesting layers in it, personalizing it in her own way.

2 Maria: Anna Hathaway

Hathaway as Maria

The beloved role of Maria, the ray of sunshine that teaches the Von Trapp kids to sing and dance, and even Captain Von Trapp to open up and live life to the fullest, is a difficult one for anybody to take on, seeing how iconic it has become.

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The role catapulted Julie Andrews to instant stardom in 1965, and those are some tough shoes to fill. However, if the role was really to be recast, one can imagine someone like the lovely Anne Hathaway doing justice to it. Hathway has a similarly sunny personality as Andrews’ Maria did and she is also quite a remarkable singer herself.

1 Captain Von Trapp: Hugh Jackman

Jackman as Captain Von Trapp

There is only one person who can truly fit into Christopher Plummer’s suavely handsome Captain Von Trapp, and that is none other than Hugh Jackman.

Jackman has proved over the years that he is a powerful performer and singer and it would be fascinating to watch him perform the lilting melodies of “Edelweiss”, while charming Maria of her restless little feet.

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