Nissan X-Trail Veers Into Opposite Lane, Slams Head-On Into Oncoming RV

Driving brings with it a whole heap of dangers, and this video shows what can happen if you’re distracted even briefly.

This dashcam footage was recently shared on YouTube and captured the moment the driver of a Nissan X-Trail slammed head-on into an RV through the twisty roads of Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado.

The front-facing camera from inside the RV shows a couple approaching a tight left-hand bend on the road when suddenly, an X-Trail traveling in the opposite direction drives right into the path of the RV. With very little time to react, its driver is unable to do anything to avoid the Nissan and the two end up slamming into each other. The female passenger of the RV can be heard screaming loudly in the moments before the impact.

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What’s interesting about the incident is the fact that it allegedly wasn’t caused by the Nissan driver entering the corner too fast and understeering into the opposing lane. Instead, a Reddit thread claims the driver took their eyes off the road while reaching for a coffee.

Fortunately, the two front passengers as well as the rear passenger in the RV avoided any injuries in the shunt. The driver of the Nissan was also okay.

Videos like this serve as a reminder of just how crucial it is to always pay attention when behind the wheel and how just a momentary lapse of concentration can have disastrous results.


Updated: November 22, 2020 — 12:45 am

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