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A game session can get pretty intense in Among Us, with these being some of the common grievances people experience within the game.

Among all the triple-A titles getting released, one small indie game managed to take the world by storm. Among Us has attracted all sorts of people due to its simple premise and easy accessibility. The game is about a group of crew members trying to repair their space facilities, while simultaneously trying to identify which among them is secretly a killer impostor. It is basically like John Carpenter’s The Thing.

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A game session can get pretty intense and frustrating at times, with these being some of the common grievances people experience within the game.

10 Being The First One To Die

Death is a natural part of life and should be expected. This is especially true in a game like Among Us, where a killer can get you at any moment. While death is understandable in this game, it is always awful to be the first one to die. At this point in the game you are likely just getting started on your first or second task, and getting instantly killed off is a little underwhelming.

9 Playing Your First Game As The Impostor

This may not have happened to everyone, but it does happen to an unlucky few. Among Us is a game that you want to familiarize yourself with. Since being a crew member is basically the default, it is natural to desire that role to get to know how to play the game. However, becoming the impostor is completely random and the game does not care about what you want.

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It can be really confusing to play impostor when you do not even know how to play the game. Likely the impostor will be hovering around a person trying to figure out which button is the execute or they will not be killing anyone at all.

8 Playing In A Small Lobby

Maybe you do not have enough friends, or maybe the host you joined up with decided to start the game early. Regardless, playing with five or fewer people is pretty awful. It gives the impostor a huge edge, and typically the game only has one or two chances to convict the impostor before they kill everybody.

7 Getting Caught Popping Out Of A Vent

Vents are great for getting around as the impostor, but they are not always your friend. Imagine you just killed someone and you are trying to distance yourself from the crime scene. Then as you pop out of the vent, and there happens to be a person standing right there. It does not look good for you, and it is likely that person will report you as soon as they can.

6 Getting Lost

While the pro gamers and streamers playing the game will know the map well, the average casual player is going to get pretty lost while trying to do their tasks. Luckily there is a map to make things easier. However, looking at that map exposes players to the dangers of impostors. Even with the map, it is easy to go into the wrong room or make a dumb turn. It doesn’t help that wandering around instead of doing tasks makes you look awfully suspicious.

5 Accidentally Killing Someone

Being an impostor is not as easy as it looks. You have to be sneaky and manipulative to avoid suspicion. However, if you are a klutz, you will have a hard time with the game. While walking around and pretending to do tasks, you will likely end up hovering over a player. Then you just might accidentally press the kill button and accidentally kill someone right in front of another player. It is not fun for anyone. It makes you look stupid and kills the momentum of the game.

4 People Leaving The Game

This was a common practice within the game. Everybody wants to be the impostor, and when they don’t get it they leave the game just as it starts. Even if you do get a full lobby, chances are that by the time the game starts it will realistically have about seven people. It puts a damper on the game and most often gives the impostors a much better chance of winning. Luckily, leavers are now penalized for their crimes.

3 Trolls

Considering how this game requires communication and teamwork, it is eventual that the troll players would come out and ruin everything. It is really easy to troll in this game. They don’t do their tasks, they saturate the chat with nonsense, make baseless accusations, and push the meeting button to say nothing. It is great that the game is so accessible and popular, but with that is the allure of people wanting to mess around and hinder other people’s fun.

2 Getting Voted Off As A Crewmember

It doesn’t matter if you are a diligent crewmember doing all your tasks; if you are looking sus then you will be the one getting killed by your own teammates. All it takes is one person saying something for everyone to turn on you, and if you do not have a good alibi then the crew will certainly vote you out.

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The process has an agonizing slowness to it as well. All the dread consumes you as the crew slowly makes up their mind to vote. It is also pretty awkward when it shows you are not the impostor.

1 Cheaters

Maybe this is too synonymous with trolls, but cheaters are a special kind of terrible. Players can easily talk to each other over discord or other voice chat systems, and thus give one another info they would otherwise not have. Imagine you just killed someone and then that dead player tells their alive friend over voice chat who the impostor is. It is no fun at all, and the only thing anyone gets out of it is a silly win that amounts to literally nothing. Luckily it does not happen a lot, but it is still upsetting.

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