How To Set Up FaceTime & Make Calls On iPad

Using FaceTime on an Apple iPad is similar to doing so on an iPhone, taking only a few taps and very little time to properly set up for video calls.

Apple’s FaceTime is an app that allows users to make audio and video calls using an iPhone or an iPad. It’s free to use, but it can’t be used to make calls from an iPad or iPhone to an Android device; the app only works on Apple devices. FaceTime is useful for connecting with friends and family members, but not everyone necessarily knows how to use it, especially on iPads as they are less common than iPhones.

FaceTime was released for iOS devices in 2010, with support for iPads coming early the following year. Fortunately for those less familiar with iPads, using FaceTime on the tablets is very similar to using it on an iPhone. To begin with, simply tap the green icon with the white movie camera, which is the FaceTime app.

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In order to make and receive calls from the FaceTime app on an iPad, Apple explains that an Apple ID and internet connection is needed. The first step is to sign in with an Apple ID or create one for free. Tap the FaceTime icon and then tap the + symbol to type in the name, phone number, or email address of the person to be contacted. If typing in the name, they must be in your contacts. Tap the ‘Video’ or ‘Audio’ button to make the call. When the person at the receiving end accepts the call, the connection is made, and the users are all set to chat.

Other Ways To Make FaceTime Calls

Another way to make a FaceTime call is by opening the Contacts app and starting the call from there. Rotating the iPad to enable landscape orientation will allow the user to see more during a video call. Should a user want to start a group conversation, they just need to tap the blue + symbol before the call is placed and enter the multiple other contacts, emails, or phone numbers. FaceTime allows up to 32 people on a group session.

If the person the user is calling does not answer the call, tap ‘Leave a Message’ or tap ‘Cancel’ to end the call. When a FaceTime call is received on an iPad, tap ‘Accept’ to take the call or ‘Decline’ to reject the call. If another FaceTime call is received while a user is already on a call, an ‘End and Accept’ option will appear that will terminate the current call and connect to the incoming call. By opening the Settings app and clicking on ‘FaceTime’, users can block certain contacts and users can opt-in or opt-out of allowing photos to be captured during a video call.

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