How to Find (& Dance On) All Five Colored Bridges (Xtravaganza Week 3)

Fortnite’ Xtravaganza Week 3 challenges require players to dance on all five colored bridges, and here is the easiest way to complete the challenge.

Fortnite’s Xtravaganza Week 3 challenges have arrived allowing players to complete challenging tasks in order to earn massive amounts of experience. As per usual, the last task on the list only requires players to complete one task to earn 50,000 experience, but it is a task that requires more skill than the others. This week’s last challenge is to dance on all five colored bridges in a single match.

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For those who attempt to finish all of their challenges in a season, the aforementioned colored bridges are all too familiar. These bridges have been used in challenges for all four seasons of Fortnite Chapter 2. Whether it be visiting specific colors in a single match, flying under them in a helicopter, or dancing on them; Fortnite loves to use its bridges in challenges. Now, players will need to visit all five in a single match as if to pay homage to their existence. This guide will show players where each bridge is located and how to get to them easily.

Dance on Five Colored Bridges In Fortnite

fortnite dance on colored bridge locations path

Since players need to visit and dance at all three bridges in the same match they will need a route and a vehicle. The fastest way to travel to all of the bridges is by using a helicopter and flying to each one. Players can find helicopters at various locations around the map, but the optimal helicopter spawn is on the large island north of Misty Meadow. This helicopter may be contested by other players or by a Gorger, so make sure to land on the helicopter itself. From here, follow the path marked on the map above to easily visit all five colored bridges.

Flying over the bridges won’t be enough to complete this challenge. Players will need to land and exit the helicopter at each bridge and dance. Dancing simply means performing an emote while on the bridge. After this, players can hop back into their helicopter and hit the road once again. If players lose their helicopter for some reason, there are rifts located and bridges 2 and 3 that can take players pretty far. After getting bridge 1, the rest of the bridges are pretty easy to get to by using other modes of transportation.

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