Horizon Zero Dawn Is First-Ever PlayStation Exclusive To Launch On GOG

Horizon Zero Dawn Legendary Edition is coming to GOG in a few days, making it the first PlayStation exclusive title to launch on the PC platform.

Horizon Zero Dawn is the first PlayStation-exclusive title to make its way to GOG, with November 24 being the official release date. Players can choose to be notified when the game is ready to download from the GOG storefront or add it to their wishlist.

Since releasing back in 2017, Horizon: Zero Dawn has transitioned from a Sony platform-exclusive game to one that is popular with PC gamers. Since Aloy’s adventures first debuted on the PC platform Steam earlier this year, Horizon: Zero Dawn has posted impressive sales. It’s extremely uncommon for Sony to publish games anywhere else other than its own consoles, so the fact that Horizon: Zero Dawn received a PC port represents a big shift in the direction Sony may chart for its existing and future titles.

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The official GOG storefront has confirmed that Horizon: Zero Dawn Legendary Edition will be available for players to purchase in a few days. The Legendary Edition comes with the popular The Frozen Wilds DLC and a digital artbook. The Frozen Wilds adds new weapons to use to deadly effect, gorgeous wintry lands to explore, machines to fight, and more. GOG will also give purchasers complete access to GOG GALAXY 2.0 support, which is a pretty great deal at no additional charge.

The transition from console to PC has not come without its troubles though. There have been widespread technical issues reported by several Steam users. PC players will be hoping that developer Guerilla Games has learned its lessons from the feedback of fans who shared their frustrations with game-breaking glitches and issues that plagued the Steam version upon its release. They will be hoping the GOG port avoids these previously reported problems and does not encounter new ones.

It is great news that more players are going to have the chance to become familiar with Horizon: Zero Dawn. It was a big hit for PS4 players and ran smoothly on consoles. It is an opportune time for new players to familiarize themselves with Horizon: Zero Dawn since a sequel is expected to release for the PS5 at some point in the near future. The sequel, Horizon Forbidden West, will feature the original protagonist, Aloy, as she continues to learn more about her murky past and explore the unforgiving world around her in a new setting filled with different enemies and weapons. With the sequel officially in the works, it is likely that more players will be eager to find out what all the fuss is about by playing the original Horizon: Zero Dawn before diving into the sequel.

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